It’s a figure that is impossible to imagine but as you’re reading this, a quarter of the world’s humans are at home right now. Clearly if you are reading this, you are one of them. By now we understand (most of us) the importance of staying safe behind our own doors and only going out under those approved circumstances. As we said at the start of these restrictions, staying in seemed like a nice idea for a few days, now the reality has kicked in, it is getting harder to keep our sanity, but keep our sanity we must for this to work.

The message is not getting through to everyone as we can see from these picture taken over the weekend in London. Take a close look at the pictures and you wonder if buying flowers, looking at plants or taking photographs of trees in the park is on the approved list of reasons to go out. I’m sure the baby in Mum’s arms is very pleased to be out under these conditions. Maybe the rules are different in London? Of course they’re not, but until we all play our part, by staying apart, you wonder if we will ever beat this virus.

Over the last few weeks SOUTH WALES LIFE has been doing what we can to bring us the best in entertainment, movies, theatre, TV and the like, right into your homes. As far as possible we are looking for free stuff, and we’ve done pretty well so far and judging by your comments to us, you seem to appreciate it. I think we should be called SOUTH WALES HOME-LIFE for the time being as it looks like we’ll be in this together for a while yet.

Let’s begin this page with a little pointer to some of our other feature which may help you through these tough times.

This page will be all about updating you with links to our ‘Stying In’ events, you come here and we’ll direct you to everything else we have on offer. Over the coming days however, we’ll also be asking for your help. SOUTH WALES LIFE has launched a radio station, sadly it was in the middle of this terrible crisis so in effect it isn’t officially underway, although we do have some great programmes and fantastic music running there right now. If you want a break from all the talk and discussion, that is the place to go. You can download and Android or Apple App right now, or listen to the right of this page.

The station is there however and we feel it is a place we can use to bring communities together. Whether it’s a simple House Party, where you and your family choose the songs for an hour, effectively taking over the airwaves. Or possibly a place where organisations can spread information quickly. South Wales Life Radio can react and respond within an instant. We’ll bring you more very soon.

The team here have worked on some major events over the years, in particular major Food & Drink Shows, with some of our biggest name chefs. It is our hope to stage a massive dinner to raise funds for those most affected by the CV Crisis. We are in very early stages of planning and discussions, and obviously it is difficult with some many people not at their desks. We will however keep working away and bring you more information soon. We want this to be an event for all and raise much needed funds to direct to the places and people who need it most.


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