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A Little Corner of Support in Abergavenny


If you’ve been shopping in Abergavenny you may well have walked past the 7CORNERS CENTRE and not realised it was there. Or maybe you saw them but still don’t know what great work they do in the community. The 7CORNERS CENTRE is a place for young people to relax and get support if needed. They have a café and a chill room with free to use and wi-fi throughout.

What they do may appear fairly straight-forward but it’s so important in the development of young people who maybe don’t know who to reach out to. They help write CVs and have phones which can be used ring potential employers. They can also point you towards the relevant service providers to help with things like alcohol and drug addiction, debt advice, homelessness and have on site counselling facilities. They can actually arrange for the service providers to meet with you at the Centre.

Opening Times

Tuesday-Friday 4pm-7pm

Saturday 12 noon- 6pm

Wednesday 7pm-9pm GODSQUAD

Friday 7pm – 9pm FILMNIGHT

Office Hours
Monday 9.30am-12.30pm
Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-5pm

The films nights they put on are great too. Fish and Chips and a movie. Sounds like a perfect Friday night to us.

To find out more about the 7CORNERS CENTRE and the work and support they offer CLICK HERE.


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