One of things which kept many of us going through the pandemic was the incredible range of shows we managed to catch up on, and we did watch a lot of TV. But the one thing we really missed was live performances. Sky Arts came to our rescue with so many concerts and music events to keep us going till we could enjoy the thrill of a live concert once again.

A regular favourite on the channel was violin superstar André Rieu who has made classical music accessible to millions around the world and has turned the waltz into an international sensation. To watch André and his incredible orchestra perform on our TV, was the lift many of us needed through some pretty isolating times. To say his concerts are a spectacle, and spectacular, would be an understatement.

Andre Rieu Concert – Maastricht (Pic: Marcel van Hoorn)

The good news is, the UK dates are now rescheduled, and while there are none here in Wales, we do know his army of dedicated fans travel across the bridge to see him live in Birmingham or London. We’ve added links to all the UK dates at the bottom of the page.

The musical facts about André are almost as incredible as his live shows. He recently extended his record as the highest grossing classical artist in Billboard’s Boxscore history. Further, he continues to be the classical act with the highest attendance, regularly outselling the world’s top pop and rock stars.

  • 30x #1 chart positions worldwide
  • 20x #2 chart positions worldwide
  • 30x TOP 5 chart positions worldwide (excl. #1 & #2 positions)
  • 23x TOP 10 chart positions worldwide (excl. #1, #2 & TOP 5 positions)
  • 35x TOP 20 chart positions worldwide (excl. #1, #2, TOP 5 & TOP 10 positions)

He has more than 500 Platinum and 270 Gold awards for his products

André has had football stadium crowds swaying to Shostakovich and has sold over 40 million albums. His romantic and joyful programs include a mixture of light classics, waltzes, music from film and opera as well as pop songs, performed by his Johann Strauss Orchestra, the largest private orchestra in the world.

André Rieu was born in Maastricht, Netherlands, and lives in a small castle from 1452 where the real D’Artagnan was said to have had his last breakfast before he died in battle serving Louis XIV. It’s a castle that André as a child used to visit to take piano lessons, but he dreamed of buying and renovating it, which he did about 20 years ago.

The castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden and greenhouse, and has become a lovely place to relax from touring around the world. Encouraged by his father, a symphony conductor, André began violin lessons at the age of five. His training eventually brought him to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he was awarded the Premier Prix.

If your only experience of his concerts is on TV or DVD, we can tell you that seeing him live really is another level. Every show is not only a musical, but a visual treat. From the sight of André and his musicians entering through the crowd and up on to the stage at the start, to the lavish costumes and the vast screen behind the orchestra displaying beautiful imagery appropriate to each song.

Together with his 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra, André Rieu performs to over half a million people each year, establishing him as one of the top ten touring acts in the world. His YouTube videos have reached far over a billion views. 8 million fans follow the “King of Waltz” on Facebook and 700.000 on Instagram.

And here is one of those performances. You’ll see it’s not only the audience who are having the time of their life, but André, and every member of his orchestra are clearly loving every moment of their performance. They are just incredibly joyous, feel-good fun.

When André heads out on tour, he really goes for it. The current schedule is like nothing we’ve seen before.

Over 15 million people have enjoyed concerts given by André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra on tour so far. They play around 90 concerts per year worldwide and have performed in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, Northern Macedonia, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slowakia, Slowenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taipeh, Thailand, the UK & USA.

The current tour, like most live events, has been rescheduled to fit around the pandemic restrictions. We have listed all the UK dates below, with links to various ticket outlets – we can tell you they are in short supply, so get in quick.

And if you ever wonder what it must be like for André and the orchestra to look out at such vast audiences, the picture below gives you an idea.

André Rieu – Maastricht (Pic: Marcel van Hoorn)

For us here, Birmingham is always a favourite venue as its easily reachable in a short amount of time, we’ve highlighted the two nights at the Resorts World Arena.

April 2022

May 2022


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