Fashion isn’t only about what we wear or how we look. The places around us or where we live or visit can be equally fashionable and that’s exactly what we say about Crickhowell. On the edge of the Brecon Beacons this is definitely the place to visit. Not only was it recently named as having ‘The Best High Street in Britain’ and for good reason, but according to the Sunday Times it’s also one of 10 Welsh locations named among the best addresses in Britain.

A Busy Day In Town…

Pretty much every shop is family-run and independent. There are not many places left nowadays that are free from major retailers. Crickhowell has a family-run butchers, independent book store, clothing boutique, local coffee shops and Wales’ first Zero-Waste shop.

Walking across its historic bridge and along the High Street – it is easy to see what makes Crickhowell special. It has a pace of life which immediately slows you down, as we found when we paid a ‘research’ Visit recently. It’s like stepping back in time but not in an old-fashioned way. You feel connected with the community and welcomed by the locals as you pass them by.

One of those responsible for it’s success is the owner of the towns’ recently named ‘Best Bookshop in Wales. Emma Corfield-Walters, who owns Book Ish told us….

“Businesses really work together here to make certain we all succeed. It really is about community and taking the time to talk to each other.’

We remember talking, it was popular before smartphones took over!

When SOUTH WALES LIFE spent a day in Crickhowell we felt like it was totally self-sufficient. We weren’t excluded, in fact just the opposite. We were made to feel very welcome. You do get the feeling however that they could do it on their own and maybe that’s why they are so successful. It’s not very often these days you can say shops have been in the same family for generations.

Things Really Haven’t Changed Much In Crickhowell…

So next time you want to see how it was done, or maybe should be done. To get away from the same stores we see in every town we visit, we can highly recommend a trip to Crickhowell. It’s quaint, smart, clean and incredibly friendly – just say hello to the locals and you’ll see.

Crickhowell Castle…

To find out more about Crickhowell before you pay it a visit CLICK HERE


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