The Macmillan WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING is a long established event in our charity calendar, and one we all regularly support. Whether we bake at home, or buy in and serve with a cuppa (pretending it’s our own), it all goes to help a great cause.

M&S Food is once again supporting Macmillan Cancer Support’s annual fundraiser, marking an amazing 11-year partnership together. To date, they have raised £19 million together for people living with cancer and their families. 

This September it’s time to BAKE A DIFFERENCE for Macmillan Cancer Support, to help fund vital support for people living with cancer, who need Macmillan more than ever before. 

In the UK, almost three million people are living with cancer, and that figure is set to rise to four million by 2030.

The extraordinary amount raised by M&S could fund around 340 Macmillan Professionals for one year. Professionals such as Sam, who supported Katie and her family when Katie’s daughter Ruby (pictured) was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer.

Katie said…….

“I can’t imagine having gone through Ruby’s treatment without Sam. The support we’ve received throughout it all, and continuing to this day, has been nothing short of amazing. It’s an isolating journey for a parent to be faced with losing the one person in the world you’re supposed to protect. To be surrounded by family and friends gives comfort, but the supportive, empathetic and professional role of a Macmillan nurse goes beyond that.

As a child undergoing cancer treatment, Ruby became wary, scared and often distressed when nurses approached. But not with Sam. Even at two years old, she knew Sam was a different, special kind of nurse.”

With the nation taking to their mixing bowls more than ever, we’re calling on people to come together and do whatever it takes to get involved. M&S Food is running a baking challenge on Instagram throughout this month – so everyone can put their new-found baking skills to use for a great cause.

They want you to show off your best baking creations and take part in the #CakeDonateNominate challenge. Get involved by posting your homemade bake on Instagram, donating £5 to Macmillan and tagging five people you’d like to see dust off their aprons. 

M&S is providing delicious inspiration to encourage us to bake it happen for Coffee Morning – from super easy fridge cakes for the family, moreish banana bread (we should all be able to make this lockdown favourite by now!) to epic Colin the Caterpillar cookie dough cupcakes, topped with our brand new Mini Colin Faces! 

If you’d like to have a go at making those delicious goodies, and of course serving them at your coffee morning, go here. RECIPES

M&S Food is also introducing Macmillan products for customers to enjoy, including a limited-edition Colin the Caterpillar and Mini Colins, adorned with purple and green decorations, with 10% of sales donated to the charity. They’ll also be donating 5p from the sale of every coffee and slice of cake sold at their in-store cafés throughout September.

These are the ways you can get involved…

Step 1: Bake Cake (or whatever you fancy!)

Everyone can get baking – be it cakes, cookies, pastries or your own special recipe. Don’t forget those delicious recipes

Step 2: Donate £5

Text MYBAKE to 70550 to donate £5 or donate here: DONATE

Step 3: Nominate

Post a picture on Instagram of your bake, yourself, your donation… anything related to the challenge. Add #CakeDonateNominate and don’t forget to @ the next 5 people you’d like to nominate.

The MACMILLAN WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING is on Friday 25th September, to get more details, and a free Fundraising Kit, go here. KIT


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