We’ve been loving Andrew Lloyd Webbers contribution to our lockdown entertainment. Each week he has made available some of his greatest show, which we are watching, fo free, from Friday. We’ve checked the numbers and close to half a million of us we live streaming Phantom on Friday. He’s also been keeping us all entertained during quarantine, releasing videos of him playing some of his most iconic songs on the piano from his own home.

Recently, The orchestra of The Phantom of the Opera joined Andrew in a rousing performance of All I Ask of You from the musical, adding to the video he posted on Twitter previously.

The musicians recorded their parts individually in their own houses, which were then combined with Andrew’s own piano performance in a video.

He put a call out to his followers to suggest a song for him to play – the famous Phantom tune was the most popular.

It resulted in him having a play-off with Hamilton composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played Everything’s Alright from Jesus Christ Superstar. Lloyd Webber then reciprocated with King George III’s You’ll Be Back from Hamilton.

Take a look at the video and pay particular to the trombone player and his Phantom mask.

Andrew has just released a video of him playing one of his classic songs, but has also announced a competition for people to come up with the cadenza for the end of the song Think Of Me from The Phantom of the Opera!

He said……….

“This weekend singalong is special as I’d like you to make up your own cadenza at the end of ‘Think of Me’. I will choose my favourite, to be performed by Christine on the night when @PhantomOpera reopens, have fun!”

I think first off all we need to have a listen to this absolutely magnificent song (it’s one of our favourites). This is the original single version with Sarah & Cliff.

This really is an amazing chance for someone to come up with a brand new tune for Christine to sing on opening night when Phantom reopens in the West End. So get thinking, get writing and submit your new tunes to the Andrew himself! @OfficialALWT

And here is Andrew having a chat recently about his wide music taste, and in particular his love for great pop songs.

And finally, seeing as Andrew mentioned it, here is that ‘GREAT‘ pop song he produced and talked about so enthusiastically. Apologies, but you will be singing it all day long now, we are. Yes, that is Timmy Mallett and one of the dancers is Gary Barlow’s wife – no really, it is.


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