As we’re all devouring the latest series of I’m A Celebrity, cringing as some well known faces ‘bravely’ tackle the jungle challenge of getting covered in gunk – it’s time to meet a real life adventurer who can share his true tales of life on wild side.

BEN FOGLE is bringing his brand new tour to Cardiff, with a show packed full of hair-raising and uplifting stories from a life of amazing encounters.

Ben first made it onto TV on the show Castaway (17 years ago unbelievably) and gone on to become one of our most loved and favourite presenters. Adventure is undoubtedly his middle name as he’s taken on challenges from climbing Everest to running desert marathons.

Best known for hit shows including Animal Park, Lost Worlds and New Lives In The Wild, Ben admits he didn’t really want to be a TV presenter but quite fancied following his Mum Julia Foster onto the stage. Either way there’s a chance Ben would have made it into our entertainment world.

Incidentally, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen Ben’s Mum in action. She’s been in countless movies and TV shows, most recently Holby City and Doctor Who.

Ben’s Mum Julia Foster with Tommy Steele in the movie Half a Sixpence

Ben visits the most extreme locations as easily as we take a trip to the local supermarket – although that’s been a challenging encounter recently.

He’s made documentaries on Prince William in Africa, disease in Ethiopia, Captain Scott in Antarctica, and crocodiles in Botswana.

Ben has travelled extensively in South and Central America and has toured the world for various broadcasting assignments to more than 200 places including Tristan Da Cunha, Pitcairn, St Helena, East Timor, Nepal, Namibia, Kenya, the Arctic Circle, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Libya, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Tahiti, Maldives, Tanzania and Morocco.

BEN FOGLE – WILD will see Ben sharing stories of hope, possibility and positivity, all learned from his extraordinary encounters around the world.

Ben Fogle – Wild

The show will take us on a new journey to relive the inspiring and uplifting tales he has encountered along the way – in environments as diverse as the wilderness of northern Sweden, the jungles of Honduras, the hostility of Chernobyl and the mountains of Nepal.

Ben said the brand-new show promises to be hair-raising, uplifting and wildly entertaining. He told us……

“Adventures, expeditions and journeys have helped shape and mould me. They have strengthened me emotionally, physically and mentally and armed me with the skills for life.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of those skills and life lessons, as well as the stories of the incredible people and animals I’ve met along the way, when I get out on the road with WILD.

It could be my biggest adventure yet!”

One of the episodes in the New Lives in the Wild series brought Ben to the Black Mountains to spend time with the Powell family who have set up home in 50 acres of remote countryside there.

Ben and the Powell Family (Photo: Channel 5)

BEN FOGLE – WILD gets to the New Theatre in Cardiff on Monday 15th May. For more details, and to get your tickets, go HERE.