The sense of isolation many have felt during lockdown has been extreme, cut off from friends, family and work colleagues. By nature we are all social creatures, as the pandemic took a grip, it seemed more of us than ever were turning to our four-legged friends to keep us company, and sane.

An unprecedented numbers of people turned to dog ownership over the last 12 months, with huge numbers becoming first-time owners.

In fact, since the start of the pandemic, 3.2m UK households have acquired a pet. Paired with the shift to remote working, many Brits are now reconsidering their lifestyle and relocating.

Huge numbers of people became first-time pet owners. 

The rise of remote working has prompted many of us to relocate. For pet-owners considering a move, WeBuyAnyHome has ranked over 130 UK towns and cities based on vital ‘dog-friendly’ factors including average garden (private outdoor space) ratings, average property size, average vet ratings, no. of pet groomers and other pet-relevant amenities and pet-friendly establishments. To fully visualise these findings, WeBuyAnyHome have released an interactive tool, where users can filter by factor or location.

Among the 7 Welsh cities/towns that were included in the ranking…

  • Bridgend has ranked as the UK’s 2nd most pet-friendly place to live. In Wales specifically, it is the BEST place to live for pet owners.
  • Bridgend is also the most affordable, highest-rated pet-friendly location among the UK top 10 (avg. property price £167,325)
  • Newport also ranks among the UK top 5, as the 4th best UK location to own a pet. In Wales specifically, it ranks 2nd.
  • Out of the 133 towns & cities ranked across the UK, the study reveals Newport securing 1st place for 3 of the 8 ranking factors (pet shops, groomers, training centres).

Ranking 2nd in the UK and 1st in Wales…

For the overall UK rankings, Bridgend, ranks just shy of 1st place, placing as 2nd best as most inviting to four-legged neighbours. The South Wales town offers both prospective buyers and pet owners alike the most affordable option among the UK’s top 10 pet-friendly places to live, with property prices averaging at £167,325.

Looking at Wales specifically, Bridgend has been revealed as top pet-friendly place to be. It’s high ranking, is due to the town’s excellent offering of pet groomers, training centres, pet-friendly days out and its average vet rating of 4.55. It also ranks among the top 25th percentile for pet shops, pet-friendly eateries and property size.

Bridgend has been revealed as top pet-friendly place to be.

Ranking 4th in the UK and 2nd in Wales…

Newport also has multiple reasons to feel smug as the city not only ranks highly compared to the rest of the UK (4th) but it has ranked as the 2nd most pet-friendly to live place in Wales. But praises for the coastal city do not stop there…

Out of the 133 towns and cities ranked across the UK, the study reveals Newport securing 1st place for 3 of the 8 categories the city not only boasts the most pet shops (per capita) but you’ll find the highest ratio of pet-groomers to pets and the most classes and guidance on hand (training centres).

The Welsh Ranking

6thMerthyr Tydfil484£120,842.11
7th Cardiff203£224,554.94

Winners Per Category (Wales)

Best Average Garden ScoreMerthyr Tydfil
Largest Average Property SizeBridgend
Highest Overall Vet RatingSwansea
Nighest Number of Pet Shops (per capita)Newport
Highest Number of Pet Groomers (per capita)Newport
Highest Number of Pet Training Centres (per capita)Newport
Highest Number of Pet-Friendly Eateries (per capita)Newport
Best For Pet-Friendly Days OutSwansea

The Least Pet-Friendly…

Possessing the highest average property prices in Wales (£224,554), Cardiff takes its place as the least pet-friendly Welsh location to move to. This is owed to its severe lack of pet groomers, pet shops, garden space and smaller properties, compared to the other contending Welsh locations. The category where it performs best in are training centres.

To see the full picture where you live, take a look at the WeBuyAnyHome interactive tool. You can filter all the information by factor or location. HERE


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