As we make slow steps back into the world, it was clear to see the joy and relief on the face of Market Traders across South Wales last week. Seven days in, and trade appears to rise as more of us turn out to grab a few bargains.

Like others around South Wales, Abergavenny opened its out-doors to customers on the first day of trading in more than 17 weeks.

Although it was a quiet start on the first week, and there wasn’t the full quota of stallholders around, things did pick up this week.

It became apparent that the first day back however, wasn’t about making money at all. In many ways it was like the meeting of old friends, as regulars returned to grab some bargains, but more importantly, find out how everyone was doing. There was a real sense of community as we walked around talking to the traders and customers.

We spoke to a few of the stallholders, who unanimiously told us how happy they were to return to the market life.

Picking up some meat or fruit, a freshly baked Welsh Cake or a bag of bargain sweets and biscuits, wasn’t the only thing on everyones mind. There was genuine concern as customers lingered around the stalls, chatting and enquiring about each others time in lockdown.

Inside the Market Hall, everything was well coordinated and organised. An orderly queue was formed at the entrance and people ushered through at appropriate times. There was also hand sanitiser available for customers as they entered the hall.

Walking around the Market Hall is now a very different experience, but actually, it feels more organised and less frantic.

To see our special page on South Wales Markets and find out more about Abergavenny and others around the region, go here. MARKETS


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