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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Take A Virtual Big Pit Journey

As we're not able to visit our favourite places as we once did, this is a sure fire hit for young and...

Learn To Fish – Free Events

We told you about these events last year and they were incredibly popular. It seems we love the idea of sitting with...

Wales Air Show Will Return

One of our biggest free shows will be back next year, after an enforced break this summer. If the weekend weather is...

Free Kids Play in Duffryn & Tredegar

Let's be honest, the lockdown holidays have been long, the weather hot (mostly) and the strain on our finances has been enormous,...

The Mad Hatters Market

I think we are all enjoying finding things to do in this new world of ours. Maybe visiting places locally that we've...

A Community Garden With Real Purpose

Outdoor Play (no matter what your age) should, of course be fun, it's kind of there in the title. But there's absolutely...

Most Watched Wales Films You've Never Heard of

The BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE (BFI) and comedian PAUL MERTON have unveiled 10 of the most watched films to celebrate 25 years of...

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