Thousands of you have viewed the Instagram post from CATHERINE ZETA JONES who is back home in Swansea and playing a round of golf with her Dad at LANGLAND BAY GOLF CLUB. For those of you who don’t play, or even know anything about this amazing course, we thought it was time to put that right.

First of all, here’s Catherine’s post which set it all off. She was playing a round of golf with her Dad at the course where she first started playing the game…….

Langland Bay is actually much more than an 18-hole golf course. Its setting is truly stunning, but then it would be as it’s in an area of outstanding natural beauty, overlooking Langland Bay near Swansea.

Although the course was officially opened on 10th September 1904, there is actually a small record of a course there from around 1901. evidence of a golf club at Langland Bay is a minute book dating from 1901.

The club’s members claim Hole 6 is the most difficult in Wales, while Hole 16 is known as “Death Or Glory” with the sea on one side and a 100 feet steep drop on the other. The other holes typically have small greens and plenty of rough grass and sand traps. The sea can be easily seen from 15 of its 18 holes.

This video from John Marks films gives some amazing views of the course and the surrounding beauty.

Along with a perfectly maintained course, players have a right to expect a complete golfing experience that goes beyond a simple 18 holes.

Langland Bay has a long tradition of meeting this demand in every way, in a setting and style that has earned a long-held reverence in British golfing circles.

Recent extensive renovations and improvements mean the club will be able to continue the tradition well into the future, leading the field for unforgettable golf and hospitality.

Not only is it a fantastic course, but it’s members do so much great work in the local community.

Incidentally, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are Honorary Members of Langland Bay, so who knows if you will see them out on the course when you’re playing.

To find out more about the club, take a look at their website. The have full details of membership and green fees, but also some incredible interactive views of the course. Take a look here LANGLAND.


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