What has come out of this last year during the pandemic is that we have fallen in love with reading to our children and sharing stories, old and new with them. In fact the statistics have been pretty remarkable.

  • Children’s enjoyment of reading has increased during lockdown (from 47.8% pre-lockdown to 55.9% post-lockdown), having reached a 15-year low before lockdown
  • More than a quarter (27.6%) of children and young people say they are enjoying reading more during lockdown
  • A third (34.5%) of children and young people say they are reading more during lockdown

So when a new book comes along from Welsh Author/Illustrator MAX LOW, we just know it’s going to be a bedtime favourite in households across South Wales.

CERI AND DERI – GET YOUR SKATES ON is filled with lovable characters, humour and brilliantly colourful illustrations in the latest Ceri and Deri series.

Dai the Duck is determined to be the best at whatever he’s doing right away – whether that’s skateboarding or spelling, playing rugby or coming up with the next big invention – but Ceri and Deri help Dai learn that taking part, having fun with our friends and enjoying the things we love is what matters, even if we have to try and try again!

As part of the educational Ceri and Deri picture book series, Get Your Skates On teaches children the importance of positivity and perseverance when taking up new hobbies and activities, as well as the value of friendship, in an accessible and engaging way. Max’s characteristic humour, imagination and illustration style bring the characters and their adventures vividly to life.

Max Low

Helping to introduce children to a number of key concepts, such as telling the time, counting, sharing, designing, and helping others while developing their reading skills, the Ceri and Deri titles have proved popular within both educational establishments, including schools, and also in homes. An eighth book, Pudding for Dessert, is also forthcoming in June 2021.

And praise for the Ceri and Deri series is widespread……


‘The bright, colourful, cartoon-like illustrations add much fun and humour to the easy-to-follow writing filled with adventure. The series has an effortless educational element and a child-like sensibility that makes them perfect for read-aloud time at school or at home. An utterly engaging, very funny collection of stories that must be shared!’


‘Reading these books with young children will support their understanding of directions (Treasure Map), time (No Time for Clocks), counting, sharing and design. The emphasis, though, is most definitely on fun. Playful, engaging and full of humour, the Ceri and Deri books are fabulous picture books made for sharing.’ 


‘The Ceri and Deri series are Welsh illustrator Max Low’s first solo authored and illustrated works. His gorgeous illustrations are bursting with juicy colours and quirky character detail and enhance the story enormously… The balance between the message and the story is beautifully struck and the story never feels like it is preaching or teaching. It is simply delightful, good fun.’ 


‘This fun tale in the Ceri & Deri series, bursting with vibrant illustrations, celebrates the joy of friendship and imaginative play and encourages creativity. It may even prompt some young readers to embark on a search for their very own smelly cardboard box!’ The Very Smelly Telly Show.

Max has a great Facebook page which includes a book reading he did last year for Bookish in Crickhowell, you can take a look at that, and so much more, right here MAX.

And if you’d like to see more of his Max Low’s work, just go HERE.

Other books in the Ceri And Deri series include…..
Good to be Sweet
• Build a Birdhouse
• Young Whippersnapper
• The Treasure Map
• No Time for Clocks
• The Very Smelly Telly Show
• Pudding for Dessert – publication June 2021

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