The impact of the pandemic is not only felt right now but we suspect for many years, if not decades, to come. Cancer research for example is likely to see a devastating £167million drop in funding as a result of the pandemic. The charities that provide vital backing our scientists have said they will be forced to cut research spending by 46 percent over the next year.

Over the festive period, charities found themselves having to do “more with less” as the economic continues to hit donations.

Nearly two-thirds of charities (63%) expect donations this year to be lower than usual, while there is something like a 40% rise in demand for services.

A report from funding platform The Big Give found that charities are spending more of their reserves, with some even considering closure.

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So, after one of the toughest years we can remember, with COVID affecting each and every one of us in some way, Coleg Gwent are very excited to announce that they’ve decided to support a Charity of the Year – ST DAVID’S HOSPICE CARE. Charities like St David’s have been hit hard by coronavirus, but throughout the pandemic, they’ve continued to provide their vital services and support to families who need it most, and Coleg Gwent wants to help them continue doing this. 

St David’s Hospice Care provides bespoke, free, palliative care to patients and their families throughout Newport, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Torfaen and South and Mid Powys, who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. The charity has grown to become the UK’s largest provider of hospice at home care, looking after over 3,200 patients and families every year and supporting them at the most difficult time in their lives. They offer 24-hour and on-call care at home, at their day hospices, and in hospital, as well as providing advice, family support, bereavement support, complementary therapies, chaplaincy services, and educational resources too. 

St David’s Shop – Abergavenny

To make their free services available to patients and their families when they need it most, St David’s Hospice Care needs to raise £9 million pounds every year, with just a small percentage given by local Government. With pressure on regular sources of funds missing right now, such as the shops, charities are relying on other sources of income to allow to continue the vital work they do. So, Coleg Gwent hopes to help them achieve this goal in 2021. 

Kris Broome, Director of Fundraising at St David’s Hospice Care told us…..

“We’re delighted to have been nominated as Charity of the Year for Coleg Gwent. We’ve had a great working relationship for many years, and we hope to continue this long into the future. Our various free services are very well received within the community and have been since our inception back in 1979. However, we do have a huge fundraising challenge on our hands in order to keep up with the demand for our services.

“Being Charity of the Year always helps with our fundraising income, but we need the staff and students to engage with our fundraising events and ideas. A major part of our work is to help promote the work of the charity, explaining about the many services that we provide. What better place to start than Coleg Gwent.” 

Coleg Gwent has chosen St David’s Hospice Care as their Charity of the Year for 2021 because: 

  1. As a college, they offer a range of Health and Care courses, and are proud to educate the healthcare providers of the future who might go on to work at a hospice like St David’s 
  2. The college is passionate about raising the profile of hospice care among the younger generation of learners who might not know about the wonderful services that hospices provide 
  3. Coleg Gwent wants to give back to their community in a real and tangible way, by supporting a local charity that serves the community and grew to meet the needs of local people 
  4. As an organisation that’s central to its communities, Coleg Gwent hopes to set an example by taking their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and making a difference where they can 
  5. It’s been a difficult 12 months for all charities, but the college recognise that palliative hospice care has carried on quietly in the background despite the pandemic, fighting against even more challenges than usual 
  6. The hospice’s vital fundraising events had to be cancelled and put on hold due to COVID restrictions, and coronavirus rules changed the way they could work as their day hospices had to temporarily close. 

Gary Handley, Faculty Director of Care and Community Studies at Coleg Gwent said…..

“We’re very happy to be supporting St David’s Hospice Care as our chosen Charity of the Year in 2021. As a college, it’s important that we do what we can to support local charities at such a difficult time, and this one in particular is recognised by both our staff and learners as being a key provider of end-of-life care in our region.

Gary Handley – Coleg Gwent

“We are very much looking forward to getting involved in all the exciting local community events planned for later this year. They will lift all our spirits and also raise money for this very good cause.” 

By supporting St David’s Hospice Care as their Charity of the Year, Coleg Gwent will be encouraging staff and learners to take part in charitable events throughout the year to help raise funds for the hospice, as well as sponsoring some key events in the St David’s Hospice Care calendar.

To find out more about the charity and how you can support them, go here ST DAVID’S. And they do have some fantastic events coming up this year.

And if you’re interested in the Health & Care courses on offer, go here COLEG GWENT.


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