This will be a big year for DEACON BLUE. They have a new album, CITY OF LOVE which sees the multi-million selling band deliver eleven brilliant new tracks tethered by a singular belief – that even in the corners of a town or a life where no light falls, hope can prevail. Supported by a huge tour, the band will be coming Cardiff to spread the love in November.

A question we get asked here in the SOUTH WALES LIFE office, at least two or three times a week, is what sort of music do we like and who would we go see live. The answer is simple and always the same – anyone and everyone. We hold the belief that until you’ve given a band a go, live and recorded, how can you possibly know if they will do it for you.

I tell you that because many, many years ago, when we were doing a lot of music promotion, we were ushered along to see this relatively new band called – well, you know who they were. This was just before the release of their debut album RAINTOWN. OMG, they completely blew us away. The band as a whole were fantastic but Ricky and Lorraine stole the show.

We’ve seen them since and I can assure you that the experience gets better with age (sorry guys).

For those of you that don’t know, DEACON BLUE are Scottish and were formed in Glasgow during 1985. That debut album was released in May 1987 here and in the States the year after.

After the success of RAINTOWN their second album, WHEN THE WORLD KNOWS YOUR NAME, topped the charts for a couple of weeks and from it, they had their first top ten single and we had an anthem which is still a crowd pleaser to this day. We’ve put the live version below…

The band split in 1994 but five years later they held a reunion gig, and this led on to a new album, WALKING BACK HOME, with the band now working on a part-time basis. That turned into album number 6 in 2001. Sadly, guitarist Graeme Kelling died from pancreatic cancer in 2004. The band have continued on and recorded new tracks for their SINGLES album.

Wherever and whenever they play live the reviews are always fantastic, so the CITIES OF LOVE tour will give more of us a chance to see them all across the UK. Ricky Ross told us….

“We’re so looking forward to you hearing CITY OF LOVE and getting out on the road, playing new songs and old songs too. Every time we tour now it feels like a celebration because our fans are still there and it’s a delight for us. We’re planning to make this the best one yet.”

CITY OF LOVE, the new album by Deacon Blue is out now. To get tickets for the rescheduled gig at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on Monday 22nd November go HERE. Just make sure you get them before they’re Real Gone, Kid…..To find out what the band are up to, just go here. DEACON BLUE


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