DEATH DROP 2: BACK IN THE HABIT certainly left us deceased! This hilarious sequel was everything you would except and more from the creators of Death Drop.

Having had the chance to meet some of the queens earlier this month, I was so excited to see this production and I was not disappointed. It’s everything we were promised and more. It’s saucy, it’s spooky and it’s camp.

River Medway, Cheryl Hole, Willam, Victoria Scone and LoUis CYfer – Death Drop Back in the Habit (Photo: Matt Crockett)

This is a show that’s best left a mystery before you see it. So, without giving away too much, here’s a quick overview; The convent of St Babs is haunted by strange goings-on and mysterious happenings. Drawing from some of the greatest horror movies of all time (IT, Aliens and The Sound of Music), Death Drop 2 is everything a Drag fan could ask for.

The amazing cast is the main draw for this show. You may recognise many of the cast from their iconic respective stints on Drag Idol UK and Drag Race (Both UK and US).

VICTORIA SCONE takes the role of Mother Superior with a stage presence that is truly unmatched. A royally commanding performance that is fit for such a stage with so many Queens and Kings on it. Victoria is a Cardiff local, so it was lovely to see her home city.

Her fierce opposition throughout the show is Father Alfie Romeo, played by the wonderful LOUIS CYFER. Some of the more frightening moments happen in the presence of LoUis, and, with a wonderfully strange blend of dry humour and pure over-the-topness, those moments are some of the funniest in the show.

One of those moments comes when LoUis chats with his Inner Voice played by CORRINA BUCHAN. It’s a moment that well and truly smashes the fourth wall in the best way possible. Corrina’s role (though not on stage for very long) was a standout.

Then, we have the Sisters!

RIVER MEDWAY is simultaneously adorable, hilarious and terrifying as Sister Maria Julieandrews. Playing the ditzy, not-so-innocent nun who is always trying to make a musical number out of every moment. You can’t help but really love the character and that’s down to River.

CHERYL HOLE is an amazingly animated Sister Mary Berry. She delivers some of the most memorable moments from the show, including the death drop, with so much heart and humour. Her onstage chemistry with Sis Titis makes them a great pair to watch.

Then, of course, there’s WILLAM as Sis Titus. Willam’s performance was a particular favourite of mine. The deadpan delivery of some of the most fierce lines really helped to make those bits even funnier for the audience.

Speaking of the audience, it was clear from their reaction that they loved every moment. The audience was howling with laughter, and occasionally shaking with fear.

Director JESSE JONES has created a show that’s uniquely different and genuinely funny, which is even more impressive when you remember it’s a sequel.

The horror moments were made especially brilliant by the lighting design by RORY BEATON. I was also really impressed with the set and costume design by PETER MCKINTOSH which was as grand as a show this big should be.

This show isn’t one to be missed. DEATH DROP 2: BACK IN THE HABIT is in the New Theatre, Cardiff running until Saturday, with performance at 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 5:30pm and 8:30pm on Friday and Saturday. Tickets start from £18 and are available now. You can find out more details and where to purchase tickets HERE.

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