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Dec 17 2022



Robin Hood

Some say the legend of Robin Hood was only a folk tale, told at bedtime to wide-eyed children on cold winter nights.But Robin Hood did exist and still lives on in the hearts of those who believe that bullies must be confronted and goodness will always prevail against evil forces.

Before becoming an outlaw, Robin was a rich Earl, living in Locksley castle. When the Sheriff (Sir Boris Trumpington) stole Robin’s castle, lands and his fiancée Lady Marian, Robin escaped to Sherwood Forest, formed a loyal band of followers and struck back at the Sheriff at every opportunity, robbing rich merchants and giving the proceeds to the poor people of Nottinghamshire.

In our tale, although Marian and her old friend & companion Nanny Nellie Knickerbocker are kept prisoners by the Sheriff,Marian uses the secret tunnel under the castle moat to visit Robin, to inform the outlaw about the terrible tyrant’s latest diabolical plan! Read on, if you dare…

Away, fighting in the Crusades, the Sheriff’s brother has foolishlyentrusted the safe-keeping of his two children Simon & Samantha with The Sheriff, who’s always envied his brother’s castle and estate. The Sheriff believes his brother will never return home, but before he can acquire his brother’s property, there are two obstacles in his way – Simon and Samantha. So he hires a pair of daft but harmless robbers – Frankie & Benny – to take the two children deep into the forest and ‘lose them’.The dim duo have no intention of carrying out the Sheriff’s orders, tell the children to hide in the forest until the following day and run off to collect their money from the Sheriff.However, before he pays them, the Sheriff requires proof the deed was done. Oops! Meanwhile the children fall asleep in the deepest part of the forest, not realising The Big Bad Wolf is prowling around, looking for his supper…

Will Robin Hood rescue the children before the Big Bad Wolf finds them? Will Robin and Marian ever be reunited? Will the evil Sheriff get his just desserts – and will Frankie and Benny provide it?

There’s only one way to find out. Be a straight arrow and book your seats for Rainbow Valley Production’s 2022 pantomime Robin Hood

which contains all you’d expect of a Rainbow Valley panto -a show for all the family, filled with sensational singing & dancing and lots of laughs. And with our ticket prices, you won’t need to rob the rich to pay for them! See you under The Greenwood Tree!



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