Unbelievably it’s the 36th anniversary of the classic George Michael song Careless Whisper. This Christmas is also the 4th anniversary of George’s death. As a huge fan, I still can’t take it in. Obviously the shock of his untimely death is still something which doesn’t seem real, perhaps because his music lives on everyday. But 36 years since Careless Whisper!!!

Like a lot of us, I remember the day we first heard and bought it. They were the days when 12 inch singles were the thing, and the one we bought had an instrumental version on the B Side. How do I know? Simple really, it still takes pride of place in my record collection. As if you need reminding, here is that classic song, the 25 Live tour version. CARELESS WHISPER.

For those of us blessed to see him live, we know what an incredible experience it was, not only his voice, but the warmth and humour he radiated from the stage. Which makes us thrilled to tell you that FASTLOVE is making their way back to South Wales. Without any doubt they are the world’s largest George Michael celebration.

Like most George Michael fans we would never accept just any old tribute act, FASTLOVE however, isn’t not any old tribute act, I can assure you of that. Apart from recorded performance and some memorable videos we will never see the George himself, FASTLOVE understand that, and present us with a respectful and moving tribute to the late, great George Michael. The 1000 plus 5 star reviews they’ve had pretty much say it all.

Many of us have danced and sung to George’s music. Have fallen in love and got over break-ups to his songs and soul searing voice. From the days of Wham, with Andrew Ridgeley to the release of the iconic Faith album. Even later in life, when all seemed to be going a little off line for him, we felt a certain affinity and warmth to anything that George did.

I may as well say it now that here in the SOUTH WALES LIFE office we have a little connection to George, albeit really, really slight. We worked with him and his team (for about an hour) but it was an incredible hour. He was a delight to talk to and was one of the rare souls that instantly put you at ease.

Prior to that day I remember answering the phone in the office and George was on the other end. It was a work thing so I won’t bore you with the details, but it was definitely a ‘pee your pants’ moment.

We were also blessed to be at the concert when Elton John came out and sang ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ and finally saw his 25 Live tour, which was the most incredible musical night ever.

To relive that experience is what you get with the FASTLOVE tour. It has a regularly refreshed set list, featuring songs including Older, Somebody to Love, Spinning the Wheel and AS. Some old favourites including, Jesus to a Child, Praying for Time and Father Figure and of course all the classics you want – I’m your Man, Freedom 90, Carless Whisper, Club Tropicana and many many more.

Joseph Sansome is the man at the front and you can find out about him, and the show HERE. He talks about the joy of singing those incredible songs, and the spiritual moments he feels during the performance.

Joseph – Fastlove…

FASTLOVE come direct from London’s West End and touring around the world. It’s become a bit of a worldwide phenomenon, bringing to life the talent of George Michael. On occasions the show has featured George Michael’s original Saxophonist Ed Barker, the man responsible for that incredible intro on Careless Whisper.

FASTLOVE get to St David’s Hall in Cardiff on Saturday 8th January 2022 at 7:30pm. Tickets are priced £31 and there are some pretty good stall seats available now. It is not only a highly entertaining evening but a great way to get the full George Michael experience. For ticket details go HERE.


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