As we walked along the lower corridors at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago at the WWE Clash at the Castle, we were greeted by a very familiar face walking towards us. The unmistakable sight of TYSON FURY was getting ever closer and it was as he stood side by side, a matter of inches from us that I wondered how cool it would be if he was fighting here, after all, we have some of the best crowds you’ll find anywhere.

Fast forward ten days and it now seems that is actually going to happen.

TYSON FURY – Star Guest at WWE Clash at the Castle

ANTHONY JOSHUA has accepted an offer from Tyson’s offer Fury to fight for the world heavyweight title on Saturday 3rd December, with Cardiff, and the Principality Stadium is the likely venue.

We heard rumours on the night that something big was set to be announced, but try as we may couldn’t get any further information. So my thoughts of Take That were clearly wrong.

We understand that everything is fine at the stadium, despite the fact the fight would be only a week after the final autumn rugby international between Wales and Australia.

The challenge was actually issued via Tyson’s Instagram account, as you can see below…..

Tyson was all in favour of a Wembley fight this November but fortunately the date has changed and Cardiff is now the potential setting. We reckon his visit to the WWE Clash sealed the deal, it was clear that he had an amazing time and was blown away by the crowd reaction.

You can take a look back at that event in our feature HERE, as fans give us their take on the Clash at the Principality Stadium.

It seems terms have been accepted for December 3rd, although a full deal is apparently a long way off. Anthony Joshua’s team said……

“Due to the Queen’s passing, it was agreed to halt all communication. We are awaiting a response.”

Although Joshua’s management team said they have accepted the 40% split for a proposed fight with Fury, sources have told ESPN ‘some obstacles remain in the way of a deal‘.

All we know is that this would undoubtedly be one of the biggest fights of all time. The Principality Stadium would be the ideal setting, and one which both fighters know well. Back in 2018 Anthony Joshua successfully unified the world heavyweight titles with a points win over Joseph Parker.

With a potential crowd of 75,000 in the stadium, we say ‘bring it to Cardiff boys‘, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms.