So, we’re stuck at home (again), we’ve cleaned and tidied. Emptied cupboards and moved all the 4 year old food to the bin where it belongs. By now we’ve all sat down, flicked through a thousand TV channels and realised we’ve either seen or just not turned on by what we’ve turned on. This has absolutely nothing to do with the TV companies and what they’re providing but everything to do with our enforced isolation.

Already we are hearing cries of ‘I’m bored’ or ‘how am I going to get through the next few weeks’ you know them all, you’ve probably already said them. Whether you have kids or family with you, or indeed doing this self isolation alone, we are all suffering the same and we have to find ways to keep us active over the coming weeks.

If the days are nice and you’re fortunate enough to have an outside space then that has to be top of your list. Just imagine what you’d be saying right now if you were at work with sunny skies outside. Exactly, I wish I was off today and in the garden. Well, you are so get out there and enjoy it while you can.

There is so much more to do than watch TV or declutter. How about starting to learn a language, studying a free course and get a skill you’ve always promised yourself, or doing cool things with the kids. If it’s the latter check out our 50 THINGS TO DO AT HOME

There’s a whole world to explore from your sofa and the great thing is, many are free. Whether you’re self isolating, or practising social distancing, here are 5 ideas to help prevent cabin fever by keeping your mind active and your body moving.


The perfect thing about the world today is that we don’t always have to go out to get a new book. If you have an electronic device then you are pretty much set to go. Just remember that there are thousands of free e-books, the classics are all free, the complete works of Shakespeare, pretty much free and you don’t even have to pay delivery. There’s no excuse for not getting stuck into some serious page-turners. Search through hundreds of free titles on the GUTENBERG site or bag a freebie from FREE EBOOKS bargain from online bookstore MANY BOOKS. Most of these places just require a free sign up to get the books.


If you hate the idea of time at home without being able to get your live music fix, then there is plenty out there which you can easily. We accept that it’s not the same as being at a live gig, but different is good, under the circumstances. Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation’s #TogetherAtHome concert series invites you to attend intimate shows with favourite artists… from the comfort of your living room. Catch CHRIS MARTIN from Coldplay performing the first of them (below). Have a sing-along with HOZIER or a live session with Neil Young. And the best bit. The drinks are in your fridge and no long queues for the loo. Keep up to date with the latest announcements right here TOUR here or follow the #TogetherAtHome hashtag on social media.


Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, in fact it’s second only to Mandarin. If you have some free time on your hands – oh yes, we all do, then you can learn, for FREE here SPANISH. They offers a loads of tools to help you learn with quizzes and dialogue as well as Spanish games and activities, and resources for kids. So by the time you get on your next Spanish holiday, you’ll look back on this time as having given you something positive.

At the moment we are all slightly obsessed with Spanish TV Show, in particular MONEY HEIST on Netflix. If you think TV may be a way to learn, or improve the language, these are the 12 Best Netflix Series to Learn Spanish. SPANISH

If you want to learn to say more than Je t’aime, there are plenty of sites with free French-language courses. The Open University is one of them, and in fact offers so many free course. They have a beginners’ guide to French for food and drink that focuses on how to read and order from a menu, pay l’addition and chat to the waiter or serveur. This link will take you to ALL the free Open University courses. UNIVERSITY As you can see from the picture below, there’s a lot so why not give them a try.

The BBC also has free online French Lessons BBC with audio, games, vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises, as well as links to French news, TV and radio sites. 


The FA are bringing the Word On Women’s Football and the games are really fantastic. Tune in to Facebook for a classic match from their archives. They’ll be streaming a variety of exciting Barclays FA Women’s Super League matches. Just go here for more details. MATCH

You can follow Aoife Mannion’s road to recovery from her ACL injury. The England and Manchester City defender takes us behind the scenes to show us the work it’s taking to getting her back to full fitness. RECOVERY

With 16 goals in the Barclays FA WSL this season including 6 in 1 game, take a look back at some of the iconic goals that show just how much of a fierce striking for Vivianne Miedema really is. GOALS


The real problem with being at home for a long period is that we don’t get the physical exertion we used to. It’s so easy to sit and veg out in front of the TV but that comes with problems. We go to bed and can’t sleep, the weight piles on and we generally become more grumpy. So try and do something, even if it’s half an hour a day, let’s be honest we all have the time right now.

I personally use an APP called SEVEN. The free version is great and does what it says. Seven exercises in seven minutes, not a lot I know, but something is better than nothing. If you want to do a little more though, and FREE, cause you know how much we enjoy a freebie, then give POPSUGAR a go. Here’s an example of what they do.

They have so many videos on their channel. They have high-intensity workouts using dances such as Zumba, a 15-minute beginner’s workout without equipment, a five-minute thigh-sculpting class and a lot more that you can do at home. If you need to chill. Take a look right here. POPSUGAR

If you are feeling anxious or stressed out, or even just need to unwind at the end of the day, Yoga With who has a 15-minute home meditation for relief from anxiety, along with yoga for beginners and yoga practices by duration, for physical conditions and weight loss. ADRIENE

If you want something a little more challenging the try Yoga With Tim. TIM

Don’t forget that we can socially isolate together, even if we’re not in the same building. Have a chat with your neighbours over the fence. Video chat with family and friends. Watch a movie together while on the phone, it’s the next best thing and really helps with the isolation. The kids will love it too.

Take a video of your routine every day and send it out to the world. Send it to us, we’ll post it here for you if you like.


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