So far, so good. This event is still planned to go ahead as scheduled, and let’s be honest, if ever we need some brightness in our life, now is the time.

We can’t deny that in just writing this and looking through the pictures we have we’ve been smiling, a lot, and we guess that’s what THE COLOR RUN is all about. Getting out with family and friends, going for a nice run and doing something we can pretty much guarantee you’ve not done before (unless you’ve been in a previous run).

THE COLOR RUN, also known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, is a unique event that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. It’s actually now become the largest running series in the world. Over 7 million of us have enjoyed the event. When I say us, I mean runners worldwide in 40+ countries, although this could be the first year that the SOUTH WALES LIFE team appear in glorious colour.

The run is the world’s first colour 5k event and was founded back in 2011 to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the Happiest 5k On The Planet. I think we maybe need that more than ever right now. It is now the single largest event series in the world, having exploded since the debut event. They have grown so huge they are hosting events in over 200 cities and 40 countries.

And for us, this is where the difference lies, they have created a race that’s more about the memories you make than your mile-per-minute. Running is accessible to everyone, no matter their experience level or ability.

And THE COLOR RUN really couldn’t be any simpler. It’s a five-kilometre, untimed event. At each 1k mark, Colour Runners are doused from head to toe in a different coloured powder.

As with any event like this however, there are rules to follow. Now read carefully, they’re very complicated……..

  • You wear white at the starting line
  • You finish the race plastered in colour! 

Once the race is over, the fun continues at the Finish Festival, a larger-than-life party, with music, dancing, photo ops, activity booths, vendors, and more massive colour throws, which create millions of vivid colour combinations. Trust us, this is the best post-5K party on the planet!

The organisers say the run is all about three things…..


While the 5k event is all about having fun, they also focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. More than half of the participants are first-time 5k runners and the event is making headway on the national focus of improving health and wellness. They hope that The Color Run 5k event will be able to act as a catalyst for our participants to live an active, healthy lifestyle.


Seeing how happy The Color Run has made people, has been tremendously rewarding for them. It is an event for all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. Their tagline, The Happiest 5k on the planet, was created after seeing the expressions of pure joy from participants.


Color Runners vary in demographics and reasons for running. With no winners or official times, The Color Run caters to everyone. Some Color Runners participate as a celebration and capstone of their healthy living accomplishments, while others take part for reasons unique to them.

If we we’re to add a third, then it would be it just looks great fun and the kids, well, sorry to say this Mum and Dad, but the kids are going to absolutely love this aren’t they?

THE COLOR RUN gets to Bute Park in Cardiff on Saturday 5th September from 10am till around 2pm. There are various ticket options available, ranging from group to solo tickets. If you’d like to know more and book a place, go here. COLOR


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