With millions still working from home, celebrity chef Gok Wan has got together with Itsu to give a much-needed kick to our lunchtimes. Gone is the quick sad sandwich before heading back to work, in comes fresh, healthy, fun, and most of all, incredibly tasty food.

If you’ve ever eaten in Japan you were probably as as gobsmacked as the founder of ITSU, Julian Metcalfe. He found they worship food, the stuff which leaves you breathless and wanting more. First and foremost it’s about how their food tastes, how it’s loved and presented. Most of all, how it makes you feel, inside and out.

Itsu Chelsea in London opened its doors in 1997, itsu Soho three years later, followed by 75 more over the next 20 years. New York 2018 and Paris 2021.

Gok Wan is very well known as a TV present and fashion guru, but over the last few years he has shown us his real passion for food and cooking.

Gok learnt to cook in his family’s Chinese restaurant and is passionate about creating simple ways to make Asian cuisine at home; proving that even some of the most impressive dishes from China, Vietnam, and Malaysia are not beyond our reach!

From dumplings and laksas to classic curries and street food favourites, Gok always creates incredible dishes made from easy-to-get ingredients in no time at all!

We spoke to Gok about the itsu campaign and the fact we are missing Asian food the most during lockdown. He also gives us some great tips on how to create an Asian inspired lunch in minutes.


To find out more about itsu and their campaign to get us cooking and eating a tastier and healthier lunch, just go here GOK WAN.

And if you want to grab one of our favourite recipes from his vast collection, you will love the dish he cooked with his Dad – Gok and Poppa Wan’s sea bass with ginger RECIPE.


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