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GP Says ‘School Is The Place To Be’


With our ‘Firebreak’ lockdown now finished and those over the bridge still in the middle of theirs, we’ve been taking a look at the impact these restrictions have on our children.

Despite any restrictions it appears that school is the best place for children to be, not just for educational purposes, but for the benefit it has on their mental health and well being, as well as the social opportunities.

When Lockdown 2.0 was announced, schools, along with colleges and universities, were to remain open, PM Boris Johnson said…..

“Our senior clinicians still advise that school is the best place for children to be. We cannot let this virus damage our children’s futures even more than it has already and I urge parents to continue taking their children to school, and I am extremely grateful to teachers across the country for their dedication in enabling schools to remain open.”

Geoff Barton, general secretary of leadership union ASCL, said it was “right that keeping schools open should be the priority”.

“However, this second Covid wave will be very worrying for many pupils, parents, and staff, and it is important that the government provides clear information to reassure the public about the rationale for its decision to keep schools open.”

SOUTH WALES LIFE spoke to GP and Media-Medic Dr Sara Kayat about the national restrictions which are in place in England, and although the guidance is very different here in Wales, what she has to say is relevant to every parent and educator.

To see how Coleg Gwent prepared for a return to learning, take a look at our feature – COLEG



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