We’re just gonna come right out and say it – we love us a bit of James Blunt in the SOUTH WALES LIFE office which makes us very excited that he’s heading into Cardiff next month.

James has also just released a special greatest hits album to go alongside a huge UK tour for 2022 which will see him celebrate songs spanning a stellar 17-year career that has spawned over 23 million album sales, a global smash hit with ‘You’re Beautiful’, two Brit Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards, as well as receiving five Grammy Award nominations.

James said……

“Amazingly, I’m releasing my Greatest Hits. I wanted to call it “Greatest Hit (& Songs I Wish You’d Heard)”, but the good people at Atlantic Records suggested I call it something more sensible, so it’s called “The Stars Beneath My Feet”.

If you’d ever wished that James Blunt had only ever released one album – this is that album. It’s 30 awesome songs, including live performances from Glastonbury and elsewhere, and four new songs. To celebrate its release, I’ll be heading out to tour the world all next year. I can’t wait to see you then.”

As for the new songs on the album we could be in for a bit of a surprise. James tweeted recently that he’s ‘been writing new songs in LA with @Harry_Styles.’

James’ classic 2004 debut album ‘Back To Bedlam’, was recently named as one of the top ten best selling albums of that decade, and with ‘Once Upon A Mind’, he reinforced his reputation for writing honest, emotional songs that people can easily relate to. The album marked a return to what James does best – writing classic songs that touch both the heart and the head.

When you see James live next year you’ll get all the hits, and there are plenty of them, and a fair smattering of new stuff too. And yet despite all this critical and public success, James still comes in for a lambasting on social media, but anyone who has followed him on Twitter knows he absolutely gives as good as he gets – and some.

Check his website and you’ll see what we mean JAMES BLUNT.

While you do that, here’s a few of our favourite retweets of his. You’ll see why you need to check him out on Twitter @JamesBlunt

So first of all, let’s have a quick musical reminder of what he does best and we defy any of you not to be singing along to these…….

Talking about ‘You’re Beautiful’ James said…….

‘One song is all you need. If anyone’s ever said, “Oh, you’ve only got this one hit,” it’s normally the people who’ve had none.’

‘Actually I always enjoy playing ‘You’re Beautiful’ live because I’m thinking, “Awesome, it’s almost the end of the concert. Nearly time for a beer.”’

And having a pint is something James tweeted about recently.He’s obviously missed the pub life as much as we have.

It’s clear James still has moments of doubt prior to the release of anything new. When The Afterlove was released a couple of years ago he made a comment on his website which showed how anxious he must have been. He needn’t have been, it is a cracking album. He said at the time…..

‘I’m shitting myself,’ Blunt confesses cheerfully, tucking into his lunch in a cosy West London pub. ‘I just don’t know how this album is going to be received. All I know is that I love it, and it might be something that only I love, but I genuinely think this is one of my most exciting albums.’ 

Now, I have to confess, we’ve seen James live a few times, occasionally as support (with Ed Sheeran) but mainly doing his own thing.

On one occasion, many years ago, we were involved in putting together a semi-secret gig he performed on a boat. It was cramped and hot but he and the band were fantastic. I do remember standing on deck talking to him before the gig however. He whipped something out of his pocket, which made me very jealous at the time. It was the very first iPhone. From that day on it’s been iPhones all the way for us. Thanks James.

As we we are going through some old archive it struck us that we should remind you of JAMES BLUNT over the years and the best way to do that we reckon, is through his ever changing hairstyles…….

As for seeing James Blunt live, the tour gets to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on Monday February 7th, which is near enough three years to the day since he was last here. If you’ve not seen him, do it this time, he really will surprise you. he’s funny, got some really great stories to share, and obviously musically talented.

Tickets are on sale right now and you can get yours here JAMES BLUNT. You can also give the box office a call on 029 2022 4488.

And the greatest hits album, ‘The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021)’ is out on Now on Atlantic Records. It’s quite an album by the looks of it.

‘The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021)’ – Track Listing

1.       Love Under Pressure
2.       1973
3.       Wisemen
4.       Same Mistake
5.       You’re Beautiful
6.       Monsters
7.       Tears And Rain
8.       Bonfire Heart
9.       I Really Want You (live in New York)
10.     The Truth
11.     Heart To Heart
12.     Champions
13.     Postcards
14.     No Bravery (live in London)
15.     Adrenaline
16.     Smoke Signals
17.     Unstoppable
18.     Goodbye My Lover
19.     Coz I Love You (live at Glastonbury)
20.     So Long, Jimmy
21.     Carry You Home
22.     The Greatest
23.     High
24.     Don’t Give Me Those Eyes
25.     OK
26.     Stay The Night
27.     Bartender
28.     Cold
29.     Where Is My Mind? (live in Paris)
30.     I Came For Love


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