Get ready to rumble as only a Polaris Professional event can do. The first ever Absolute (Openweight) One-Night Grand Prix, an 8-man elimination tournament featuring some of the most exciting no-gi grapplers in the world is heading our way.

POLARIS PRO GRAPPLING is actually Europe’s longest running large-scale professional grappling event. Up to now they’ve organised 12 events featuring both Gi and Nogi matches all of which have been held here in the UK. They pull in some of the biggest names from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts.

People like Keenan Cornelius, Michelle Nicolini, Brad Pickett, Dean Lister, former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields and former UFC Lightweight Champion and WEC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson. These are really big hitters in the sport, except they don’t hit, they grapple.

Former UFC Welterweight competitor. Dan Hardy and UFC referee Marc Goddard are listed as event judges.

They have pretty full on jobs during each bout as well. As with any sport there are rules and believe us, Dan and Marc know exactly how to enforce them. Here’s a few…..

  • Legitimate submission attempts that cause the opponent to apply effort to escape
  • Pushing the pace of the bout
  • Initiating exciting exchanges
  • Taking risks in an attempt to gain a takedown, advantageous position or submission attempt

And the competitors must not carry out any……

  • Eye gouging or fish hooking
  • Grabbing fingers, ears, hair, toes, or other extremity
  • No posting on faces / one-handed windpipe grip
  • Slamming from above the knee height of the person doing the lifting to escape a submission or position (high amplitude throws / takedowns will not be penalised)

We tell you these because Polaris have had great positive feedback in the Jiu-Jitsu world for the high quality of their events and the talent they have been able to attract to compete. They have also been praised for their treatment of the athletes competing as well as the diversity of styles and match ups they have been able to put together.

They are no strangers to Wales either having been here with previous events. The one at the new ICC looks to be a real cracker though. The first match announced is Ash Williams vs Joao Miyao for the 135lbs Polaris title.

The POLARIS ABSOLUTE GRAND PRIX gets to the ICC Wales (Celtic Manor Resort) in Newport on Saturday 4th April from 4 to 11:30pm, so it really is a full evening. Tickets are priced between £38.32 to £65.27 and you can get them right here. GRAND PRIX And you can keep up with all the latest news right here. POLARIS


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