Today is WORLD NET CANCER DAY, an annual event held created to increase awareness of Neuroendocrine (NET) cancers and to provide a voice to the NET community for improved diagnostics, treatments, information, care and research. World NET Cancer Day is about drawing attention to this uncommon form of cancer and starting a global conversation amongst communities, medical professionals and governments.

I think all too often we use the word cancer without any real understanding of what it really means. Perhaps we have all come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, and that is our only experience, I certainly have with my late Mother. That’s why a day like this is so important. It’s not about raising money as such, but more so our awareness of these types of cancer which have asuch an impact on peoples lives.

With that in mind, we want to focus on NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER UK. They exist to address the unmet needs voiced by the Neuroendocrine Cancer community, to support patients and their loved ones with the physical and psychological burden of Neuroendocrine cancers.

A diagnosis of cancer is one of the greatest challenges anyone can face. Being diagnosed with a rare or uncommon cancer can have additional consequences, not least in terms of awareness, early diagnosis and access to expertise. Feelings of  isolation, fear, uncertainty and anxiety are not uncommon.

In support of this day, TV and film actress Olivia Williams, best known for roles in hit movies including Rushmore and The Sixth Sense is throwing her support behind World NET Cancer Day, following her own Cancer battle. Here she is, chatting with Catherine Bouvier the CEO Neuroendocrine Cancer UK.

Olivia gave an in depth interview with Vogue last year about her 4-year battle to get a diagnosis, and that doctors though she was delusional. It is a must-read VOGUE

The charity themselves recently changed their name, however, the ethos and mission remains the same – to support all affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer: to support and inform patients and families from diagnosis, enabling access to the best care and treatment, whilst stimulating Neuroendocrine Cancer research, increasing national awareness and influencing improvements in outcomes.

If you’d like to find out more about the work of the charity just go here. NCUK

“Let’s Talk About NETs” is asking NET patients around the world to inspire their friends, families, clinicians and local communities to become ambassadors for NET cancer in order to help make a difference. 

#LetsTalkAboutNets. On this special day members from around the globe partner with local cafes and communities to promote the ‘Let’s Talk About NETs’ branded cups to increase community awareness about this often misdiagnosed form of cancer. To find out more, go here NET


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