This is the moment MIXERS have been anticipating – LITTLE MIX have announced details of their new album and tour. Something we’ve waited for since their last South Wales date had to be covid cancelled.

The new album, CONFETTI is out November 6th, and tickets for the show at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff are on sale now. Head to the bottom of this page for details.

The girls have said they are getting together with BLACK MINDS MATTER and music therapy charity NORDOFF ROBBINS, with every £1 made from ticket sales being split between the two of them.

The band had quite a 2020 lined up pre-pandemic, the enforced break has given them the chance to get ready for the new album and tour, but also their BBC One reality show The Search.

The show follows their search for the talent to form a brand new band, who will then be their support act on the Confetti tour.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock said……

“We’re all very different. We all bring something unique to it, but I feel like I’m the big softy, I think Perry is really good at critiquing about the voice and vocals. Jesy just knows what she wants, and Jade is just a good all-rounder.”

The audition stages are already recorder and will be followed by four rounds of live shows.

The series was originally due on our TV screens in April but was postponed due to the pandemic. It’s now been confirmed that it will start on BBC One on Saturday, September 26th at 7pm, so not long to wait now.

Perrie said……..

“We can’t wait for everyone to finally see what we’ve been working on because it’s so good! This show is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Jade added……..

“The auditions were great fun to film. So much talent auditioned for the show that it was genuinely tough to decide who should go through. There are lots of twists and turns.”

And talking about the show to Lorraine on ITV, Leigh-Anne said……

“We’ve lived it and this is what we do so to be able to give that experience to them and mentor them and hopefully create the next big band is amazing.

We were sitting there looking at all these people coming in to audition for our show like ‘Oh my gosh is this actually happening? Is this our show right now?’ It’s amazing.”

Live, the band are incredible and always put on a spectacle of a show and we’re sure next year the show will be bigger than ever. Five albums in, number six on the way, and the band are going from strength to strength. Their first came on the back of their X Factor win. DNA went top ten in 2012 and in America made it into the top 5, they love LITTLE MIX in the States too.

It was X Factor which made LITTLE MIX but back in 2011 when they auditioned individually, they almost didn’t make it through on the show at all. As solo performers they failed the first ‘Bootcamp’ challenge. They were allowed another chance to compete when they were placed in two separate ensembles by the judges during the “group bootcamp” stage, with Perrie and Jesy in four-member group Faux Pas and Jade and Leigh-Anne in three-member group Orion.

Once again both groups failed to make it through to the next stage. A later decision by the judge, all we can say is thank heavens for Kelly Rowland who brought two members back from each group and formed a new four piece called recalled two members from each group and formed a new four piece called Rhythmix, sending them through to the judges’ houses.

The rest is history. They made it onto the live shows and were mentored by Tulisa. They had to change their name because Rythmix was used by a Brighton based music charity. They became LITTLE MIX, went on to win the series, becoming the first girl group in the show’s history to even make it past the seventh live shows. Here is that very moment when their victory was announced.

This seems like a great place to take a look at LITTLE MIX over the years and while the image has definitely changed, what they stand for and represent most certainly hasn’t. Their lyrics and attitude is all about female empowerment.

Despite being a hugely successful band, with a massive following all over the world, the girls have retained their own identity and regularly give fans a glimpse into their lives through social media and their website. Even down to what they enjoy cooking (if you’re a fan you’ll know what we mean).

As for the hits, there have been so many of those, it’s difficult to know what to give you to play. So, we looked at the fans favourites and here are the top 5……

But playing live is where they truly shine and when we get to see them in Cardiff we’ll see exactly what they’ve been up to since their record breaking breaking, award winning 2019.

The girls told us…….

“Performing live is our favourite thing to do as a band, we love it.”

“Our last Summer tour in 2018 was one of our favourites ever, so we can’t wait for some more brilliant outdoor shows next year. We want everyone to come party with us.”

If the groups last visit to Cardiff is anything to go by the fans will be out in force ready to party with them….

The ‘Confetti’ album, which includes new single ‘Holiday’, will be released on November 6, with pre-sales available now CONFETTI

LITTLE MIX get to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on Monday 10th May 2021. When general tickets are on sale right now, you can get them. MIX


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