I think it’s fair to say that most of us enjoy a cheeky little Greggs, whether it’s a bacon roll for breakfast or one of the amazing pasties at lunchtime, a lot of us will pay a visit to one of their stores at some time during the year. For those of you mourning the closure of Greggs and wondering when you’ll be able to feast on a steak bake, we have some good news, it may not be too long.

Don’t get too excited, they’re not opening their doors just yet, this is the chain bringing a bit of their bakery right into our homes. Greggs has started its own DIY baking tutorials, to be know as GIY (Greggs It Yourself). The videos explain how we can recreate our favourite menu items at home, and we thank them for sharing the secrets. The first GIY video tutorial, posted on the Greggs Facebook page, is the sausage, cheese and bean melt. They assure us that it’s EASY on the baking scale, so with that in mind, and lets face it, not a lot else to do at the moment, let’s have a Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt for tea.

As we’re all in this together, why don’t we have a crack at making this together. You’ll need to get on hands on beans, sausages, puff pastry, cheese and an egg. The video explains the process, which involves cutting two squares of pastry to start and then egg washing the edges. Then the beans and sausages need to be squashed a little before popping them on the pastry and sprinkling the cheese on top.

Next up, pop the remaining pastry square on top, fork the edges and egg wash before baking for 20 minutes at 180° C, until ‘golden brown and piping hot.’

Next – Eat.


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