The aim of the Awaken MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SHOW events is to assist others to reach their life’s full potential. These are designed to encourage Healthy, Wealthy Living from the inside out! Once you discover how to be rich on the within yourself, life will flow, it is then you will discover richness and contentment in your outer world.

The events are organised by Awaken, which is run by Beverley Jones, award winning Inspirational Business woman of the year, Speaker of the year and a Business Wales Excellence in Mentoring 2017 Winner. She describes 2009 as her annus horribilis; this was a year that saw her crash out of a 30 year senior corporate career diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety.

The following year she opened the doors to Awaken, with a vision of a world where everyone is empowered to ensure their life and / or business reaches its full potential.

And she seems to be living that dream of becoming a successful business owner, published author and public speaker and it is through these avenues that she continues to help many others understand that riches start within and not in the material physical world.

There are two MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SHOW events, one in the spring in Cwmbran and the other in the autumn in Chepstow. So let’s start with Cwmbran.


The exhibitors include: Reflexology, Card Readers, Spiritual Healing, Palmistry, Crystal Healing, Nutritional Therapy, Mediumship, Hand Made Jewellery and Accessories, Tarot Readers, Gift ware, Crafts, Hypnotherapy, Skincare, Psychic Artists, Candles, Healing, and many more.

There’ll be 9 speakers throughout the day and the modern day mediums, ‘The Spirit Sisters’ will be closing the show at 5pm. They will provide you with fun, laughter, emotion and – they say, unquestionable evidence that our loved ones our always by our sides.

The MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SHOW is on Saturday 21st March At Greenmeadow Golf Club on Tre-Herbert Road in Cwmbran. Tickets are available on the door at £3.00. For more details, go here. CWMBRAN

Before we move onto the Chepstow event, here’s a look at Beverly’s story……..

It’s a similar MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SHOW in Chepstow in October.

Spaced over 2 floors, this indoor event at Chepstow Racecourse includes the following exhibitors from across the UK.

Reiki, Reflexology, Angel Card Readers, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy, Palmastry, Crystal Healing, Nutrional Therapy, Mindfulness, NLP, Mediumship, Hand Made Jewellary and Accessories, Physical Fitness, Cosmic Ordering, Tarot Readers, Runes, Psychic Surgeon Healer, Psychic Artist, Magnetic Jewellery, Soul Creations Giftware, Forever Living, Arboone, Crafts, Greeting Cards, Candles, Hostilic Healing, Reconnection Helaing, Neals Yard and many more.

There’ll be over 85 stands to view and a choice of speaker events. We think you are guaranteed to discover how to unblock any stagnant energy which will then enable you to move forward.

Ticket Prices are as follows……..

  • Show Entrance Ticket – £5.00 
  • Tickets for individual speakers on the door – £3.00 per speaker
  • Full Day Ticket on door (to include speakers) – £12.00
  • Half Day (after 1pm) Ticket on the door (to include speakers) – £8.00

The MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SHOW is at Chepstow Racecourse on Sunday 6th October from 10am. For more information and ticket details, go here. CHEPSTOW


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