FFRESH is one of those great places within the Wales Millennium Centre. If you’re at a show it’s the perfect hangout beforehand for a drink and a catch up with friends. It’s a really nice place to eat and have a cocktail or two, but it also transforms into a great venue which is well used throughout the year for some terrific and unusual shows, which occasionally have us stepping out of our comfort zone.

Ffresh Cabaret, is their season of shows and entertainment which offers a range of performances, and the brand-new season of eclectic entertainment for everyone, every weekend will launch at Wales Millennium Centre’s Ffresh bar & kitchen begins in April. When we tell you there’s something for everyone, we really mean it. From dancing (with a difference), to comedy. There’s something for the kids and something definitely reserved for the adults (who are still kids at heart). When we say it’s a weekend too, they’ve made it a long one, as you can see below.

The programme will include the fiercest drag, burlesque and comedy performances as well as weekly voguing classes and performances and activities for kids and teenagers, offering something exciting for all ages.

Ffresh Cabaret will include:


Every Thursday evening Vogueing sensation & Drag Queen Dance Teacher River Medway will teach Vogueing in this warm, supportive, joyous 90-minute dance class.


Rushing for Drag Race? Got a passion for pose? Come and join a different gang of posers as Voguing sensation and Drag Queen dance teacher, River Medway teaches you how to Vogue like a Kween.

This class is suitable for all fitness levels, all body shapes, all genders and all orientations.  Beginner or novice, come learn to celebrate and shake what God gave you! Find your inner fab-U-lous and help others find theirs in this class.

If you’ve till got something in the tank you can burn it up with our resident DJ, Free-Styling and a free glass of Prosecco. Ladies with an attitude? Fellows that were in the mood? We all are.

The Ffresh Voguing dance dates are Thursday 9th, 16th and 23rd April and on the 7th and 14th May and tickets are £10. It’s a 90 minutes class with 30 minutes of freestyle, starting at 7pm. There is an age restriction of 14+ To find out more, go here. VOGUE


Leroy Brito returns to the Centre with his stand-up show featuring some of the funniest comedians on the circuit. Taking place ever other Friday, it is alternated weekly with Comedy Translates, the anarchic show that’s become a cult hit at the Machynlleth and Aberystwyth Comedy Festivals, giving the best in bilingual belly laughs.


Welsh comedian, Leroy Brito (Tourist Trap & BBC Sesh) returns with a brand-new, bi-monthly Stand-Up Comedy night starring some of the UK’s funniest comedians on the circuit right now.

So grab your friends, enjoy a cocktail or two and kick back to a fantastically funny evening of comedy. Leroy’s Comedy Crew are at Ffresh for two shows, the first on Friday 8th May and the second on Friday 3rd July. 16+ on this show, which begins at 8pm. Tickets are £15 each and you can get yours here. LEROY


Following several sell out performances at London’s Crazy Coqs in Piccadilly, award winning actor and singer Morgan James brings his one man show to Ffresh. Morgan combines his stories of growing up a “sensitive” boy in the 1980’s in a small Welsh mining town with performances of George Michael’s greatest songs.

Ever since George’s all too early and tragic death Morgan has wanted to produce and perform a show that highlights the genius of George as a songwriter and celebrate the man and the music.

Co-created with Alison Johnston, with musical arrangements by Noam Galperin, Morgan sings George’s songs as a soundtrack to moments in his own life – sharing his own stories of growing up “different”, his early days in the cut-throat acting industry and the highs and lows of becoming a proud out gay man.

An unforgettable evening of laughter, storytelling and out-standing music with Morgan (as the poster says). His show is on Friday 15th May, again with a 14+ guidance. Tickets are £15 and you can get your here. GEORGE


Offie-nominated fringe company Opera’r Ddraig return to put the heat in Opera with their Ffresh translations of some classics. Incidentally, the Offies are the Off West End Theatre Awards and a really big deal in those circles. They are also winners of the Quality in Wales Future Entrepreneur Award and are a Non-profit opera company providing professional performance opportunities and school workshops.

This is the place where some of Royal Welsh College’s talented students and graduates get their chance to shine. Opera’r Ddraig perform really enjoyable opera and musical, which centres on the themes of duplicity and injustice. If you think opera isn’t for you then Opera’r Ddraig will definitely make you think again.

This stripped-back, up-close set serves it ‘roar’, bringing you opera like you’ve never heard it before. Opera Outrage gets to Ffresh on Friday 29th May at 8pm. there is a 14+ guidance but an offer on tickets for those under 16, they cost £14 with the rest at £16. You can get yours here. OPERA


Get ready for two evenings of throwback interactive sing-along-shows, hosted by Donna Marie


Also starring Gavin Sheppard and Louise Halliday, our outstanding cast will have you up on your feet singing and dancing along to all of your favourite 80’s anthems, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Like A Prayer, Love Shack, Living On A Prayer, plus many more.

So, dig out those shoulder pads and leg warmers and let’s go Back 2 The 80’s.


Back by popular demand, The Greatest of Shows returns to Ffresh with “It’s A 90s Thing”.

Also starring Gavin Sheppard and Louise Halliday, this outstanding cast will have you up on your feet singing and dancing along as they perform 90’s songs from the Spice Girls, Backstreet boys, Shania Twain, Oasis, Christina Aguilera, plus many more.

So, dig out the denim and school uniforms and get ready to go all Britney because, It’s A 90’s Thing.

The Greatest Of Shows – Sing-a-long is on Friday 1st May and Friday 26th June. Age restriction is 14+ and the tickets for these fantastic evenings are £15. Be warned, audience participation is mandatory – you will be expected to sing-a-long. You can get yours here. GREATEST


Have you ever wondered what Standup Comedy might be like in another language? Now’s your chance to find out. Sort of. It started out as a simple idea. While comedians perform in Welsh, the audience will be provided with equipment to hear a live, English translation. But there’s a couple of minor technical hitches to consider. Firstly, Welsh is a very different language with its own very different culture.

Secondly, comedians are a difficult, unprofessional bunch determined to make a translator’s life as difficult as possible.

And finally…due to being blacklisted by just about every translator in the land, the translations will be provided by other comedians.

This anarchic and unpredictable show has become a cult hit at the Machynlleth and Aberystwyth Comedy Festivals, selling every single ticket for every show since it launched three years ago. Utterly hilarious, you’ll laugh from start to finish and learn a lot about the Welsh language and Welsh culture along the way.

Starring translator-turned-comedian Steffan Alun (a professional standup in two languages with TV, radio and five full runs at the Edinburgh Festival under his belt), plus a line-up of the Welsh language scene’s hottest acts including Phil Cooper, Dan Thomas, Eleri Morgan, Esyllt Sears, and more.

We thought we’d give you a bit of a heads-up on a couple of Welsh words that may sound a little rude in translation. Listen carefully for a GWANC and CYNTA(F). They’re not swear words, honestly.

What’s really great about this show is that you don’t even need to speak Welsh to enjoy this event. There are two dates, both on a Friday evening, the 10th April and 12th June. 16+ on this one and it has an 8pm start. You can get tickets at £15 each, right here. TRANSLATES

SATURDAY – KIDS (and a Sunday)

The programme for young people taking place on Saturday afternoons includes everything from storytelling, songs, games, a treasure hunt and a sparkly high tea hosted by drag queen Gladys Allover, to Welsh language comedy for teenagers and Flossy and Boo will also preview their latest show. Fun, frocks and frolics for grown-ups and little ones.


Come and join Gladys Allover for an afternoon of fun, frocks and frolics.

Learn the story of the Not So Little Mermaid, and how a Sheep called Moo Moo found their place in the world, while singing along with one of the country’s premier Welsh Dames. Featuring storytelling, songs, games, a treasure hunt and a big dose of sparkle, this Easter adventure culminates in the perfect ending for the young and the old alike – a sparkly high tea.

All ages are welcome for the Drag Queen Story Time For Kids on Saturday 4th April starting at 2pm. It’s a 2 hour show and tickets are £10 each. To get yours, go here. GLADYS


The Girl Who Couldn’t Pretend is a whirlwind adventure story about a girl who tries to find her imagination.

‘Its just a box, I don’t want to pretend. I really don’t need an imaginary friend. It’s square and it’s small and it’s made of wood. There’s nothing more than that to be understood.’

Helped by many characters along the way, she hunts through forests, sea and sky to pretend her way into some of the most amazing places – from whale racing with the Queen of the underwater world, to flying in a hot air balloon to name the stars.

With live, original music and fun characters, Flossy and Boo return with more of their magical brand of storytelling. Ideas sparked by the imaginings of the Petra Project, this show has something for everyone, from babies to grandmas.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Pretend is on Sunday 26th April starting at 3pm but this does include and additional 1 hour workshop. There is no age restriction on this, there are however, reductions for those under 16. For them, the tickets are £8 all others are £10. To get yours, go here. GIRL


Originally commissioned for The National Theatre, Lesley Ross is bringing his interactive version of The Tempest to Cardiff. Featuring songs, storytelling and a sharp dollop of the Bard’s Verse, this is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for both the young and young at heart.

When his enemies are shipwrecked on Prospero’s Island, will he take his revenge on them, or show mercy? Will his daughter Miranda find her true love? Will the spirit Ariel ever be free? And what surprises are in store for the monster, Caliban?

The Little Tempest gets to Ffresh on Saturday 31st may at 3pm. The show is suitable for age 5+ with tickets costing between £7.50 and £9, you can get yours here. TEMPEST


After an outstanding premiere at VAULT 2020, farmers-turned-entertainers David and Sam are ploughing across to Cardiff with their rambunctious family comedy, littered with the absolute best showmanship they can muster.

Join David & Sam as they courteously portray to you their untold and epic adventures. They don’t promise facts. They don’t even promise to get to the end of the show but bring your Granny and all the family because this is a show for big kids and little adults.

The Misadventures of David and Sam

The Misadventures of David and Sam is on Saturday 26th July at 3pm and is suitable for ages 3+ Tickets are £7.50 and £9 and you can get them here. MISADVENTURES


Drag Brunches will take place every other Saturday afternoon and will offer special guests, comedy, dance, food and 90 minutes of bottomless Prosecco. Every third Saturday of the month Foo Foo LaBelle and Cardiff Cabaret Club will present burlesque evenings, featuring the best in burlesque from sassy May Queens and sexy Morris Dancers to gorgeous pagan burlesque for Summer Solstice. 


Sashay down to the Bay to watch ‘international force of nature’ Dolly Trolley slay at her inaugural Cardiff drag-brunch. Expect searing lip-syncing, hip-tingling twerking, boundless booty-shaking, da iawn dance offs and drag-erdy fun and games fit for a Kween.

With special guests, fierce food and 90 minutes of bottomless Prosecco to keep you going, you’ll Weerk it like Britney, Slay like Beyoncé, and celebrate like Madonna on Holiday. Your host, Dolly Trolley is one of London’s finest drag stars with international acclaim for her lipsync, comedy, dance, campery and sublime ridiculousness.

Dolly began on London’s cabaret scene in March 2017 as a graduate of Michael Twaits’ “The Art of Drag” at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Dolly now performs and hosts professionally in a variety of shows and events across London, the UK and internationally. Dolly is camp, comical, and moves at 100 miles an hour. She is one of London’s most versatile queens and her most common review is……

“I’m exhausted just from watching”.

Dolly Trolly and special guests get to the Ffresh Bar for a little nibble over Saturday Brunch on Saturday 11th April. 16+ guidance on this show which starts at 2pm. Tickets are £29.50 and you can get them here. DOLLY


Prepare yourself for more slapstick, striptease and song as Burlesque In The Bay heads to our Ffresh Cabaret Bar one Saturday, every month.


An anti-Easter event with FooFooLaBelle and Cardiff Cabaret Club.

Easter just wouldn’t be the same without chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies but beware…some of our performers have taken spring to a dark place…where bunny tails aren’t quite so fluffy. Join us for badass Burlesque, kooky Comedy and alternative Peepshow.

Full line up coming soon. Easter Bunny Boilers is on Saturday 18th April.


An alternative fête with FooFooLaBelle, Cardiff Cabaret Club and Rubyyy Jones

Prepare yourself for stunning May Queens, sexy Morris Dancers and more ribbon than a ballet dancer’s pumps. Join us to celebrate this special day as we put the pole back into May. May Queens is on Saturday 16th May.


A Solstice celebration with FooFooLaBelle and Cardiff Cabaret Club

Come and worship the fierce Fairies, drop dead gorgeous Druids, writhing Wiccans and sultry spirits as they welcome in the sun. Enter the stone circle and celebrate life, magic and beauty as the cavorting coven brings you the fiercest pagan burlesque show on the planet.

Full line up coming soon. Pagan Solstice Realness get to Ffresh on Saturday 20th June.


A celebration of summer with FooFooLaBelle and Cardiff Cabaret Club.

Sun’s out, gun’s out and it’s time for the Boys of Summer (binary and non-binary) to work on their tans. Feel the heat as the boys show sunscreen and smiles and serve up their best shimmy’s to delight and entertain you.

Full line up coming soon. But you can see the Boys Of Summer on Saturday 25th July.

Evening performances can be enjoyed with table service of classic cocktails with a delicious twist straight from the Ffresh bar. The Burlesque shows start at 8pm and they each cost £17. To get yours, go here. BURLESQUE


We really love this idea. It’s an Adult Show with Baby in Tow! Yes, you can take baby along to this one, as long as they haven’t learned to repeat any of those naughty words yet.

This definitely for all bleary-eyed mothers, frazzled fathers, gushing grandparents, carers, babysitters and anyone else left holding the baby.

Let’s be honest, there are only so many kid’s parties we can sit through. If you’re missing adult company and humour. Fed up of those judgemental looks when your baby kicks off in your favourite coffee shop. Well we can guarantee this is just the thing for you. The Comedy Pram Jam is an adult comedy show that you can bring your baby to (up to 18 months).

They’ll reduce the amplification and the light, but not the swearing or content. There’s Prosecco, cake, changing tables and most importantly – an environment where no-one minds if you feed, jiggle a toy or walk around. 

The Comedy Pram Jam is on April 9th starting at 2pm and runs an hour and a half, juggle the feeding, burping, peeing thing right and you’ll have a fantastic time. There are two age restrictions on this, 16+ for adults and 18 months and under for the babies. Don’t want them going home having new words in their repertoire do we. Tickets are £12 and you can get them here. PRAM


This is an evening of real life confessions as Cardiff’s only dirty storytelling open mic night returns with more real life stories of lust, sex and dirty disasters. This month’s theme is ‘MESSY’. Whether that means tragic stains or splashy ecstasy, psychological situations or actual events involving an industrial cleaner – sex can be a messy business. So tell everyone about it, or just sit back and enjoy, while host Cameryn Moore makes dirty the new wholesome.

And with fantastic prizes, celebrity judges, and anonymous confessions, Smut Slam is truly the most fun – by yourself or with others – that you can have with your clothes on!

Smut Slam is co-produced in Cardiff by Big Loop Theatre Company with sponsor Njoy Toys. The show are on the 7th April 9th June starting at 8pm. There is a 16+ guidance on this one. Tickets are £9 each and you can get them here. SMUT and

Ffresh Cabaret will launch at Wales Millennium Centre from April. For full information for all performances and to book tickets visit FFRESH CABARET and keep the party going with #FfreshCabaret


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