When something new is coming to town you can bet your bottom dollar that the SOUTH WALES LIFE team will be all over it. When that something is going to transport you away from the every day and into something really special, we really do have to share.

Friday 14th February is of course Valentine’s Day and if you’re struggling to get your loved one something very special, we reckon the new RENAISSANCE SPA TREATMENT from Lush could be the one to hit the spot. Of course there are Spa’s all over the region but this one is unique. They provide treatments during your busy work day, when perhaps you just need time away, to regroup and regenerate. It’s also how those treatments work which make RENAISSANCE different.

This is a place to enjoy meditation on fragrance that aims to give you complete escape, transporting you to a different place, time and reality with guided meditation through the power of perfume and touch.

Lush tells us this is a way to enjoy…..

  • Meditation for those who don’t think they can meditate
  • Have an affordable lunch break treatment
  • Find headspace during busy times
  • Working with fragrance to transport you to a deeper state of relaxation

Hannah-Rose Lammiman is Lush Spa Treatment Development, she told us……..

“Renaissance features bodywork used in different cultures, traditions and rituals from all over the world. We have tapped into these energetic traditions to enhance the experience for the client.”

“Therapists are trained to feel the energy of the client whilst choreographing each movement to the music”

So we got our team on the case and learned all about the benefits of scents on stress.

We know that today it is so easy to become stressed, what with work, balancing family life and in fact just the general stresses of everyday life. Even picking up our phones or tablets can have a negative impact on our state of mind and body. We should never underestimate the cumulative effect of all this too. Without a gentle release every now and then, the problems can easily escalate.

Michael Edwards has been a Fragrance Expert for more years than he cares to remember, splitting his time between Australia, France, and the United States. As a Fragrance Taxonomist he really knows his stuff and has spoken, and written about the power of fragrance on our senses.

Michael Edwards

I’m sure we all know the power of smell. When we get in the bath and oils fill the air. When someone enters a room and what they have sprayed on their skin heightens our senses. This is a form of stress-relieving therapy and can trigger the different senses in the brain through smell. As we breathe in these smells, our brain is prompted to think positive thoughts, and the scents can stimulate a calming effect.

The new spa treatment from Lush follows the opening of the Lush Perfume Library in Florence – the birthplace of modern perfumery during the Renaissance which has greatly inspired both. Incidentally, it’s a place that Michael know very well, his partner was the President of the French Society of Perfumers. Lush therapists release emotions being held onto by the body through reflex points. Once cleared, the therapist delivers positive affirmations to help you move forward, release and let go.

This isn’t a one size fits all treatment either. Perfume is prescribed according to individual need, it’s then layered up to maintain a point of focus as the music guides you deeper into meditation. This is a bespoke treatment aimed at calming the central nervous system, allowing the body to be brought back into balance. As we mentioned earlier, the benefits will include improved quality of sleep and clarity of thought and mind.

We sent Claire from Penarth along to try it out for SOUTH WALES LIFE and tell us what she thought.

“From the moment I arrived I received a warm, friendly welcome by the Lush Spa staff. I was taken to the waiting area where I met with my therapist, Louise, who is also the Spa Manager. She put me completely at ease and it was clear she knew exactly what she was talking about, which in turn would give me the very best spa experience.”

“I was guided through a series of charts which, after a chat with Louise, decided on the type of massage I would have. All the while the music and the bird sounds were having an incredible relaxing effect.”

“At no time did I feel rushed or pressurised and knew this was a massage tailored for my needs on the day. I had my feet and the most incredible head and neck massage I’ve ever had. Because Louise had talked me through the session and I knew what she was going to do, this allowed me to totally relax and enjoy the massage. Although, it’s fair to say the whole experience is based around your senses, in particular, sight, sound and smell.”

The spa looks beautiful, almost like you were in a luxurious country cottage. It is ‘Oldie Worldie’ but in a modern style, if that makes sense? The sounds which echoed around my head really did help me leave the outside world behind. And the smells which filled the air added to my total state of relaxation.”

“When the massage was over I was taken back downstairs and given a lovely aromatic hot drink which was a perfect way to finish the one hour session. I cannot say just how good Louise is. I feel so much better now, like I’ve been given a little reboot and refresh. I will certainly be back to do it again, on a regular basis.”

The new RENAISSANCE SPA will be in all Lush Spas across Europe including 8 in the UK. The one in Cardiff is on Queen Street. If you’re looking for that special Valentine’s gift, they tell us vouchers for this treatment are available online right here, RENAISSANCE and in Lush shops now. CARDIFF

While you’re on their site or indeed in store, check out their Valentine’s Gift Range. Let’s be honest, we all need an aubergine for Valentine’s…….