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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Newport Careers Fair

It’s hard to believe we’re already into a New Year and maybe this is the one where you finally have a shot at landing, not only the job you’d really like but a full-on career.

Looking for the right career can often be time-consuming and frustrating. The NEWPORT CAREERS FAIR will offer candidates from all backgrounds, experience and education level the opportunity to speak to an abundance of local employers, all in one place.

The respected philosopher Alan Watts said that the best way to find what you should be doing with your life was to ask yourself this important question: “What would you do if money were no object?” What if you won the lottery and you could do whatever you wanted to do with your life? Sure, you’d want to relax for a while, but eventually you’re going to get bored. So what would you do to make yourself really, truly happy?

  • For instance, maybe you enjoy working with children, creating art, or building things.

Break your dream job down into its most basic components. Take whatever activity or job you discovered in the previous step and break it down into its most basic parts. If you were explaining the job to a 3-year-old, how would you describe it?

  • If that child asked you what was fun about it or how it made someone feel when they did it, what would you say? These basic components make up what you should be looking for in a career.

At the Newport Fair you’ll get…..


There will be a wide variety of different organisations attending, alongside a wide variety of roles being offered. Online applications can be very time consuming – by attending you get to skip this process and directly speak to the organisation! This gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you like and find out anything you want to know about the company you could potentially be starting a Career with.

The NEWPORT CAREERS FAIR is on Wednesday 29th April from 10am to 2pm at the Newport Centre on Kingsway. No pre-registration is required, you can just turn up on the day – however, you can find out more and register your interest here. CAREER

You can also find out more about The UK Careers Fair by visiting HERE.

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