This is a worrying time for us all, but have you stopped to ask yourself how you are doing? That’s the question being posed by our amazing NHS who have performed incredibly during these tough times. Here at SOUTH WALES LIFE we have been aware from day one that Coronavirus is one thing, our mental well being is something else and we all have to be aware of both the short and long term effect this is going to have on all of us, young or old.

If you get a few minutes take a look at the World Health Organisation document on this outbreak. It makes for interesting reading for all of us, you can get it HERE. They particularly focus on those who may be in isolation and offer this advice.

  • Stay connected and maintain your social networks. Try as much as possible to keep your personal daily routines or create new routines if circumstances change. If health authorities have recommended limiting your physical social contact to contain the outbreak, you can stay connected via telephone, e-mail, social media or video conference.
  • During times of stress, pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing. Exercise regularly, keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy food. Keep things in perspective. Public health agencies and experts in all countries are working on the outbreak to ensure the availability of the best care to those affected.
  • A near-constant stream of news reports about an outbreak can cause anyone to feel anxious or distressed. Seek information updates and practical guidance at specific times during the day from health professionals and WHO website and avoid listening to or following rumours that make you feel uncomfortable.

For us here, the last one is really important. As journalists we want to flood you with information and content, which of course is a good thing. In this situation however, too much, really can be too much. Let me give you a recent example. The other day there were two major newspaper headlines, they were on the supermarket shelf for all to read as we passed by. One claimed we would not have a vaccine in place for 18 months. The other, sat right next to it on the shelf stated experts were working round the clock and we would have a vaccine by September this year.

Two headlines sat side by side. Who was right, who was wrong, more importantly, what effect do they have on our mental state?

The NHS in Wales new campaign is encouraging us all to stop and check how we are actually doing ourselves.

  • Are you managing to stay connected with loved ones?
  • What about staying physically well? Whatever that looks like for you…
  • How are you feeling?

On the new pages you will find some help and advice on looking after yourself and your loved ones during isolation. They have also included some links to partner for further help.

The main areas of focus are………


Woman exercising with two young children


Laptop screen showing people video calling


Illustration of two people sat at a table drinking tea


Illustration of retro telephone 

For more information and to check out the new pages, just go here. HOW


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