PLANET EARTH II – LIVE IN CONCERT will be one of the most incredible experiences we’ll see on the big screen and hear live from the world renowned City of Praque Philharmonic Orchestra. Incredible because it’s all about this ever-changing, fragile planet of ours. The new date has now been confirmed and we really can’t wait to see this one. Sadly they have been forced to move the show to 2022.

BBC Studios and the acclaimed Natural History Unit (based in Bristol) have created some of the most iconic and talked about TV programmes; Blue Planet II and Dynasties. These are shows which give us an insight into parts of the world we may never otherwise see. They capture animals in their true natural state and have given us a deeper understanding of what we are doing to our world. They have not only won huge audiences but also many awards from the likes of BAFTA and EMMY®.

These 50m tall metal structures seem to be alive. They are planted with epiphytes that will grow over the outermost branches. Situated in the heart of Singapore this Supertree Grove encapsulates a futuristic approach at greening the city.

Following on from the success of this years Blue Planet II Live In Concert tour, this new, not-to-missed live concert will feature breathtaking, specially-selected footage shown in 4K ultra high-definition on a gigantic LED screen, as the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Freeman, play the remarkable music by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea & Jasha Klebe. Take a look at the video below and you’ll see how it all works.

Hans Zimmer is a bit of a Planet Earth musical heavyweight. He is renowned for his work on the likes of GladiatorInterstellar and Blade Runner 2049, but said that the landmark BBC series stood out amongst his work. 


Hans said……..

Planet Earth II is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been involved in: some of the greatest action scenes ever put on film, some of the most emotional, epic, fragile scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Filmmaking at its absolute peak.

In this spectacular live event we’ll get to rub shoulders with our acrobatic primate cousins in the steaming jungles of Madagascar, race alongside fearsome hunting lions in the remote sandy deserts of Namibia, face stormy Antarctic seas with a family of penguins and feel the raw tension as a baby iguana tries to escape the clutches of deadly racer snakes. And they will no doubt tap their toes along with dancing grizzly bears and be swept away by the bravery of a mother snow leopard.

These Hanuman langurs have free roam in the blue city of Jodhpur, India. It is their home and their playground. Treated as religious deities they are fed and well looked after by the city’s inhabitants.

The PLANET EARTH II -LIVE IN CONCERT arena tour will be hosted by wildlife and natural history TV presenter Liz Bonnin. With a masters in wild animal biology, Liz has presented over 40 primetime programmes including Blue Planet Live, Super Smart Animals, Galapagos and Horizon.

Liz told SOUTH WALES LIFE that her love and fascination with our planet and environment has been with her for as long as she can remember……

Ever since I was very young I was lucky to be surrounded by nature. My sister and I used to have lots of adventures in the countryside where I grew up in the South of France, amongst spiders, snakes and hedgehogs. My parents’ families lived in the Caribbean and we visited them often so I also developed a love for the ocean from an early age.  You only have to be immersed in nature for it to work its magic. I didn’t realise it at the time but it instilled in me a deep passion and respect for wildlife that influences my life to this day.

It’s clear we have a love and fascination for these documentaries, the incredible success of Planet Earth II shows that. We asked Liz why she thought they are so successful….

“I think it stems from decades of expertise, passion and dedication, as well as a healthy dose of ambition to continuously raise the bar. I am constantly amazed at what Sir David and the team conjure up in their imaginations about how else they can deliver wildlife stories and spectacles to their audience, and how inevitably they succeed in the seemingly impossible, thanks to improving technology and lots of hard work. And with Planet Earth II they certainly didn’t disappoint! Just when you think they’ve done it all they manage to bring the natural world even closer to us.”

“I think their role cannot be overestimated. I personally know so many people who were inspired to follow careers in science and conservation because of these programmes, and they played a big part in my own journey too. And we know that young people are enjoying them more than ever too – they are giving popular entertainment programmes a good run for their money!”

It’s one thing seeing Planet Earth II on our TV’s but imagine watching it on a screen which is pretty much the size of the Motorpoint Arena main stage area, and with a live orchestra.

Liz gets to host the entire show but we suspect it’ll be as awe inspiring as it will be for us in the audience. She has to be looking forward to the tour…….

“The thought of seeing these spectacular images of nature on a gigantic, high definition screen while listening to a Live orchestra playing the score of Hans Zimmer sends tingles down my spine. The series was incredibly moving from the comfort of my sofa but I think this audio visual spectacle will be on an entirely different scale – it will be visceral and emotional, and I have no doubt that it will create an incredible energy in the arena, connecting us all to the majesty of nature, to art and music, but also connecting us to each other. So from a personal and somewhat selfish point of view I can’t wait to experience that! But I am also so excited to be able to present it to audiences of all ages.  It’s going to be very special indeed.”

PLANET EARTH II – LIVE IN CONCERT starts touring soon and actually has its rescheduled night at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on the new date of Friday 18th March 2022 at 7:30pm. There is no doubt whatsoever this will be a must-see event. For more details and to get tickets, which are between £52.60 and £63.50, go here. PLANET


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