Injured Welsh Area super-lightweight champion KIERAN GETHING is to go under the knife. The Pontypool Puncher (9-2-2, 2KOs) was forced to pull out of his last fight with Irishman Gary Cully (11-0, 5KOs) on August 26th, due to an elbow injury.

Since then, the 26-year-old has been receiving scans on his left elbow to identify the issue, which will now require surgery on December 9th.

MRI scan results from August revealed a bony fleck of floating material in his left elbow and signs of calcification as well.

The operation aims to remove the material, which is causing Kieran much pain and restriction, with around six weeks recovery time.

Kieran told us……..

“I’m pleased to have finally received a date for the operation now. It’s been put back a bit because of the delays from COVID.

It feels like receiving a fight date, because now I have something in the diary to aim towards. It means I’ll be able to come back in the New Year and pick my career up again.”

You may remember back in May we reported on Kieran’s plans for training during lockdown to prepare for his next fight.

Although no date was set, or anything concrete in place, he wanted to be ready for his 14th professional fight now, in order to be ahead of the competition.

Kieran told us at the time…….

“I have begun preparations for my next fight, without actually having any real date or confirmation yet, but I want to be ready.”

“While the gyms are closed, training for me at the minute is long, cardiovascular work. Thankfully, I’ve got a punchbag at my mum’s place so I can use that without any risk. I’m also fortunate to have my brother, who is a fantastic coach and a good boxer, and can take me on the pads.”

“So, I’ve been doing a lot of running and cycling, but I can’t do too much running because of my ankle – I was born with Talipes, so haven’t got full movement and can get painful grinding in the joints.”

Despite being born with the disability commonly known as club foot, Kieran won national titles as an amateur, captained his country, and is the current national champion at 140lbs – a title he has held for a year now.

So, it’s clear he has had to battle against adversity to get to where he is today, “Yes, it has impacted me,” he affirmed.

“I have to monitor and handle aspects of my training, mainly running, but it’s also affected my personal life. It affects my confidence because of the muscle wastage on that leg.”

The super-lightweight’s last fight was back in November last year when he reached a stalemate with Londoner Jeff Ofori (10-3-1, 3KOs) in the Golden Contract quarter-finals, which means he hasn’t fought at all this year.

Kieran Gething & Jeffrey Ofori (Sky Sports)

Despite this setback, Kieran is staying positive about the recent news, as are his sponsors Philip Jones Timber Products.

“I always like to look at things positively. I’ve accepted that 2020 has been taken off the table, but I’m optimistically looking ahead to getting better and fighting again.

“I suppose the injury has come at the best time, if I’m putting a positive spin on things. There’s a lot of people out there in far worse positions than me. At least I was given a fight date. The phone was ringing then with fights, so hopefully it’ll ring again when I’m fit and ready.

“All being well, I can start training six weeks after the op. It won’t be flat-out training or punching, I’d have to ease back into it, just strengthening it, but I could be ready to fight in February, which is only a few months from now.”

There’s an MTK show coming up next Wednesday, November 11th, featuring Scottish star Lee McGregor in a European bantamweight title fight with the champion Karim Guerfi.

Also signed to MTK Global, Gething is looking forward to watching the event, “I’m looking forward to watching that because Lee McGregor is going all the way to the top, I believe, especially now he has joined Ben Davison.

“These MTK shows don’t always have the biggest names, but their policy is to have 50-50 fan-friendly fights. My last fight on one of their shows was meant to be with unbeaten Gary Cully, which would have been an intriguing contest. They match everyone really well and even the fights that aren’t necessarily 50-50 on paper are extremely tough tests. Jono Carroll wasn’t meant to lose to Maxi Hughes, but he did, and then Hughes went on to sign for MTK, and then KO’d a European prospect, and now he’s ranked in the top 15 in the world with the WBC.”

The McGregor-Guerfi event will be televised live on iFL TV and ESPN+ on November 11.


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