Here at SOUTH WALES LIFE we are huge supporters of any organisations that offers encouragement and a positive outlook to our kids. Whether it’s art, theatre, music, sport, technology. Whatever it may be, if it allows our kids to learn and express themselves, in something they really love, then it has to be good. And that is something the ABERGAVENNY RHINOS FOOTBALL CLUB does brilliantly. They really are a shining example of a young football team.

Their mission is to provide coaching and facilitate athletics participation for all age groups and abilities, and to identify and support those children with an interest in a particular discipline with appropriate coaching and facilities. They also aim to support the development of athleticism in children with a foundation of movement skills transferable to all sports.

And we have to say, there’s no mucking about with them. Their training includes speed-practice, distance running, reflex and reactions, run, jump, throw, flexibility and posture, aerobic fitness and, most importantly, mental preparation, nutrition, life style and personal development.

Abergavenny Rhinos junior football club is Affiliated to the Gwent county/Monmouthshire junior. FAW GOLD Accredited. FAW/McDonald’s Community club Gwent 2015

The Football Festival and fun day is always a fantastic event, not just for football lovers and parents, but anyone who just wants a great day out, in the sunshine (hopefully). There will be loads for all the family, plenty of refreshments, of course, with a few activities to burn off those extra calories. But, the day will be filled with some great young football and hard fought tournaments.


If you are a team and you’d like to join the Rhinos on the day, having seen them in action, we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time. Like all events however, there are a few things things to bear in mind.

Tournament Rules:

  • All age groups shall be as season 2019/2020
  • All teams must be affiliated to their league association
  • All teams must be able to demonstrate registration of players including date of birth
  • No players shall play for more than one team
  • Academy and Development centre teams will not be accepted
  • All Clubs must be affiliated to a parent County football Association


  • Under 6’s and U7’s will be 4 a side mini football, maximum of 7 players per squad
  • Under 8’s will be 5 a side mini football, maximum of 7 players per squad
  • Under 9’s will be 6 a side mini football, maximum of 10 players per squad
  • Under 10’s will be 7 a side mini football, maximum of 10 players per squad
  • Under 11’s will be 8 a side mini football, maximum of 10 players per squad
  • Under 12’s will be a 6 a side mini football, maximum of 10 players per squad


  • Duration of matches will be 12 minutes (with no half time interval)
  • All matches in sessions will start and finish based on timed “hooter”
  • Referees will be appointed for each match and their decision on all aspects of play shall be final
  • Any player shown 2 yellow cards shall take no part in the next game. Any player shown a straight red card shall take no further part in the Tournament and must not remain in playing kit.
  • Any player, club official or spectator who is cautioned or sent from the field of play shall have their name reported to their County Football Association
  • Substitutions will be on a rolling basis with no restriction on the number of changes.
  • The offside rule will not be operated
  • No Penalties will be awarded. All Free kicks will be indirect.
  • No player shall stand within 5 yards of any free kick, corner or kick off
  • Normal rules apply for a throw in or corner
  • U11’s – U16’s goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up from a back pass
  • U6’s to U10’s Teams shall return to half way line when a goal kick is taken.
  • U9’s to U16’s Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball from hands, they must throw out or kick the ball from ground
  • No scores will be recorded for U6’s to U10’s
  • 12’s – During group stage matches, 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, no points for a loss.
  • In the event of a tie on points between two or more teams, then goal difference will decide the position. In the event of a tie on goal difference positions will be decided by the team scoring the most goals in their matches. In the event that a tie still exists positions will be determined by a penalty competition, the penalty competition will consist of best of three penalties, in the event of a tie the penalty competition will continue on a sudden death basis until a winner is determined

What we love about Abergavenny Rhino’s is they believe, and put into practice, that Football should be played to encourage the development of young people not just on the football field but in all aspects of their life……….

  • To provide football to children of all ages and abilities, in a safe and friendly environment.
  • To deliver age-appropriate coaching to support long-term player development.
  • To encourage all players to try their best and make the most of their abilities.
  • To offer a challenging but supportive environment where children can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety.
  • To promote good behaviour and respect for others
  • With this in mind we would ask you to follow the codes of behaviour outlined below:
  • A player should:
  • Set a positive example for others
  • Avoid all forms of gamesmanship, and time-wasting
  • Show respect to all Match Officials and any others involved in the game
  • Not use inappropriate language
  • Team Officials should:
  • Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters
  • Avoid all forms of gamesmanship
  • Show respect to Match Officials and any others involved in the game
  • Not use or tolerate inappropriate language
  • Accept the decisions of the Match Official without protest
  • Avoid words or actions which may mislead a Match Official
  • Enforce these codes within your own team
  • Code of Conduct for Parents, Guardians & Spectators
  • A parent or guardian and spectators behaviour have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude and behaviour towards other players, Officials, and other spectators.
  • We hope to ensure that parents/guardians and spectators are always positive and encouraging towards all of the children – not just their own – and will encourage others to:
  • Applaud the opposition as well as their own team and think about how your support affects the children of the opposing team
  • Avoid coaching during the game
  • Avoid excessive shouting and screaming
  • Respect the referee’s decision
  • Give attention and encouragement all children involved not just the most talented

Having read their rules I think we could all do with a few of those added to our life skills.

That’s the lads of Man United on the pitch with the Rhino’s by the way. The Abergavenny Rhino’s Football Festival is on Sunday 14th June between 9:30am and 2:30pm at Abergavenny Leisure Centre. If you are a team and you’d like to get involved the cost is between £32.93 – £38.32 and you can sign up right here. RHINOS


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