Some things we see or do are very much once-in-a-lifetime things. Although you could do this regularly, we think once will definitely be another box ticked. The SUNRISE WALK is a truly breath-taking experience. A dark climb to the summit of the highest peak in the South of the UK under the stars and moonlight. This event will see you on the summit for the sunrise to take in the glorious and spectacular views that Pen y Fan has to offer.

You then descend on a wonderful route that will reveal its fascinating history as you pass some interesting landmarks on your walk. Many people have been to the top of Pen y Fan, but not too many have seen the sunrise from this spectacular setting or from this quiet and secluded route that offers more dramatic and beautiful views. It is a circular route, so you finish the walk at the same place you start. The trip is fully guided and supported to ensure your safety and enjoyment. I think these pictures will tell all……

This event is to see the sunrise from the summit on the day of the event. This means you start very early on that specific day. You may need to travel the night before the event so that you arrive at the meeting point in time. Please check the date carefully as once your booking is processed, you are unable to move to another event.

The walk is about 7 miles and is a circular route. The pace will be steady, and you will have time for breaks and stops for snacks as required. Once you have triumphantly completed the walk we’re sure you’ll set off for home with great memories, stories and photographs of the weekend.

Just remember, this is the highest mountain in the South of the UK. The terrain is rugged, rocky and mountainous so please arrive prepared. You will need the correct kit. Your footwear is particularly important. If you are not used to hiking or hill-walking, then the sooner that you start training the better. Your chance of success on any event like this can be greatly increased by being well prepared for the challenge ahead; mentally, physically and with the right equipment.


The organisers tell us this is not a technical hike, so the summit is within reach of any reasonably fit and determined person. The route up Pen y Fan is not the usual route that many people take each day, so it is more challenging. The added interest of starting in the dark and walking as the light begins to paint the landscape with its vibrant colours adds to the atmosphere, the adventure, and the experience. The pace is steady and there is time for breaks and photo opportunities.

They use a 5-star rating system to give you an idea of what to expect on this event. This covers any technical skills that may be required, the exposure of the event to heights or edges and the fitness level required.

  • Technical Rating – 1 star
  • Exposure Rating – 2 stars
  • Fitness Required – 2 stars

The first SUNRISE WALK at Pen Y Fan, Brecon is on Sunday 5th April between 3am and 9am. For details on the on, go here. APRIL.

They do it again on Sunday 17th May between 2am and 8am, You can book here for that one. MAY

Finally on Sunday 26th July. We reckon you’ll need all that time to prepare. It runs from 2am to 8am, so yes, walking and climbing through the night on all three. The reward however, will be amazing. For more details and to book a place, go here. JULY

The cost for each event is £38.32


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