As shows go EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE is quite extraordinary. We suppose it can best be described along the lines of Billy Elliott – with attitude. The show is inspired by the 2011 BBC Three Documentary Jamie: Drag Queen At 16, and I suppose that pretty much sums up the plot. In the show however…

Jamie Campbell – The Real Jamie…
  • Jamie New is sixteen and lives on a council estate in Sheffield.
  • Jamie doesn’t quite fit in.
  • Jamie is terrified about the future. He is going to be a sensation.

Supported by his brilliant loving mum and surrounded by his friends, Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness, into the spotlight.

Layton Williams as Jamie…

The show opened in London 2017 and the reviews were instant and amazing. The cast vibrant and the songs, well, have a look at the video above and I think you’ll get a feel for just how inspiring they are. The phrase ‘feel good factor’ gets used far too much but in this case, it really applies. SOUTH WALES LIFE were fortunate to be at the Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall two years ago and believe me Everybody there was definitely talking about Jamie. Let us share a picture we took of the stage as it was set ready for the cast to perform a number from the show.

Olivier Awards 2018…

Now the great news is, we get to talk about Jamie ourselves as it makes it’s way to the Wales Millennium Centre from the 18th to 23rd of May. And it’s Layton Williams who’ll be here to deliver his fantastic performance as Jamie, which he’s currently doing in London’s West End.

We are also very excited that our favourite Eastender, Shane Richie will be here too as Hugo / Loco Chanelle. Having worked with and seen him on many occasions, I can tell you that he’s pretty incredible on stage too.

Shane Richie as Hugo…

The full cast for the tour has just been announced and joining Leyton and Shane will be Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson who’s playing Dean and Shobna Gulati, from just about every show we love on TV (Coronation StreetDinnerladies, Eveybody’s Talking about Jamie West End and the upcoming film) as Ray.

The show is terrific and we guarantee you’ll leave the theatre with every song in your head. You’ll also leave with a message too and it’s one we’d like to share here. Jamie is all about self expression and being who you are, but as we know, that can sometimes have unpleasant consequences, particularly through social media. The musical is a supporter of The Diana Award.

The Diana Award is the only charity in memory of Princess Diana and her belief that young people have the power to change the world. Her sons The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex are advocates for the charity, which supports young people through three key programmes;

  • A mentoring programme for young people at risk
  • A youth-led anti-bullying ambassadors’ campaign
  • A prestigious award that publicly recognises young people – The Diana Award.

Alex Holmes is the Deputy CEO for The Diana Award…….

“The show encourages everyone, particularly young people, to be themselves and educates the audience about the power of language and the need to celebrate difference.”

The Charity runs the leading Anti-Bullying Campaign in the UK and Ireland, giving young people the skills, confidence and training to tackle all forms of bullying in schools, communities and online. One of their main projects is the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme which has trained over 32,000 young people across the UK to lead on anti-bullying campaigns in their schools and is free to schools across the UK.

To date, EVERYBOY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE has raised thousands of pounds through bucket collections, held a celebrity gala evening as well as a musical theatre workshop to raise awareness for the charity during Anti-Bullying Week. The real Jamie Campbell has hosted a self-esteem and confidence workshop, marched alongside the charity at Pride and participated in The Diana Award’s #Back2School campaign to support the 10 million children in school, over half of whom will be affected by bullying.

Jamie Campbell said….

“We shouldn’t have to live in a world where bullying exists and the best way to tackle it is through education. Charities like The Diana Award and their Anti-Bullying programme and campaign do great work in raising the self-esteem of individuals and it is an honour to be working with this charity.”

You can watch Jamie’s #Back2School video here.

The team have put together an education resource pack with top tips for promoting diversity in school. It also includes information about how your school can get involved with the programme and receive free training from The Diana Award for students to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. You can get that resource pack right here. PACK

There is so much to love about the show. The story, the message but you will have the night of your life. Above all else, it is so much fun. Tickets for EVERYBOY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE are on sale now. For more details CLICK HERE.

Incidentally, there is a movie in the making too, with Richard E Grant and Max Harwood starring. We’re certain the film will be fantastic but you will get more from the story and the songs when you see it live on stage – We promise you.


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