Anyone who has ever tried to take out a loan, credit card or get a mortgage will know just how crucial a good credit score is. Without a decent one, borrowing is nigh on impossible. MONEYSUPERMARKET has now put together the UK’s Credit Score Hotspots and whilst South Wales isn’t the highest, we’re certainly not bottom of the list.

  • London’s EC postcode has the highest average credit score in the UK, followed by Guildford
  • Sunderland has the lowest average credit rating
  • Being registered on the electoral roll is a simple way to boost credit score

With a score of 554, Cardiff has the lowest credit score within its surrounding towns and is considerably lower than the national average of 562. But what does a good credit score mean for you and me?

Well, it’s a vital way for lenders to consider lending you money. Your credit score is actually the number that represents the risk a lender takes when you borrow money. A FICO score is a well-known measure created by the Fair Isaac Corporation and used by credit agencies to indicate a borrower’s risk. Another credit score is the Vantage Score, which was developed in partnership between three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian.

So let’s keep this simple, although simple it isn’t as there are three different ways of gauging you score…..

The research looked at over 200,000 credit reports on MoneySuperMarket’s Credit Monitor. So let’s look at how some of our areas faired (these are based on a possible score out of 710).

Postxode AreaAverage RatingScore
SA – Swansea554
CF – Cardiff556
NP – Newport556
LL –  Llandudno557

People living in the Eastern Central London postcode (EC) have the highest average credit scores in the UK. Analysis of over 200,000 credit reports from MoneySuperMarket’s Credit Monitor reveals that those in the EC area have the highest average credit score at 583 out of a possible 710 points – 21 points higher than the UK average.

The Surrey town of Guildford has the second highest average score across the UK – 13 points higher than the average score in London (565).

Postcodes with the highest credit scores:

LocationAverage Credit Score
EC – Eastern Central London583
GU – Guildford578
KT – Kingston upon Thames577
RG – ReadingW – Western London576
E – East LondonRH – Redhill575

By contrast, residents in the north of England and parts of Scotland have some of the lowest credit scores in the country. Sunderland (548), Wolverhampton (549) and Kilmarnock (550) are the three lowest scoring postcodes.

Postcodes with the lowest credit scores:

PostcodeAverage Credit Score
SR – Sunderland548
WV – Wolverhampton549
KA – Kilmarnock550
DN – Doncaster550
HU – Hull551

Sally Francis-Miles, money spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, told us……

“Although your credit score isn’t directly impacted by where you live, our research shows those with an EC postcode are the top credit scorers in the UK and are therefore likely to be most highly rated by lenders.”

“What will strengthen your credit score is making sure you are registered on the electoral roll – it’s easy to do too. Using a credit card can also help. It doesn’t automatically improve your credit rating, but if you repay the balance in full every month, it shows lenders that you are reliable and credit worthy.”

“Additionally, free-to-use monitoring services, such as MoneySuperMarket’s Credit Monitor, offer personalised tips to help increase your credit rating.” 

So we got MoneySuperMarket to give us some top tips for improving your credit rating……

  • Debt repayments – keep on top of repayments for loans, mortgages and credit cards
  • Avoid multiple credit cards – having credit cards that are no longer used can have a negative impact on your credit score
  • Ensure a sensible use of credit – try not to use a high proportion of the available limit to avoid appearing over-reliant on credit

For more tips and information, visit MoneySuperMarket to see where your area falls in the chart. MONEYSUPERMARKET 


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