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This month is a special one for us. SOUTH WALES LIFE officially comes into being. We’ve been preparing for this for a long time. Getting our look, style, content and social media presence in place. People and organisations know about us but we haven’t truly launched ourselves into the world, until now.

The reality is though, this isn’t about us at all. SOUTH WALES LIFE exists purely for you. Our small team have worked, for more years than they care to remember, promoting, spreading the word, providing PR & support to a wealth of big companies, brands, events and people. We have worked with some of the most recognisable names, both products and famous personalities.

As a team though we really believe that everything and everyone deserves equal care and attention. Here at SOUTH WALES LIFE the same effort will go into supporting an event for 20 people as that which will attract 20,000. We know from experience that smaller events, which rely on the goodwill and dedication of a few members of the community are often the most taxing and demanding. Why shouldn’t they get a shot at some decent coverage?


We live in an area rich in music, theatre, movies, restaurants, hotels, retail and sport. SOUTH WALES LIFE will not only celebrate these but bring the entire region together in one monthly publication. Predominantly online, means SOUTH WALES LIFE will not only reflect what’s-on, where and when but more importantly adapt and feature, on a daily basis. We will also review and update events as and when relevant.

If you’re looking for a place to spend a day or night, a gig or show. Maybe a restaurant or great place to shop. Perhaps one of the many amazing events in South Wales. Our comprehensive guide will help you make the right choice. Over time we will be the one-stop you make to be directed for what you need in South Wales.

Lots Of Ideas & The Weather Where You Are…

We’ll not only feature the very best of our region but also look further afield. Shows, gigs and special events from outside the area – London, Bristol, Birmingham, will also find a place. Predominantly though, this is all about the place we live.

SOUTH WALES LIFE will not be limited in what we include. If it’s entertaining, in any shape or form, it’ll find a place in the magazine. If it’s part of our rich culture and heritage, expect to see it on our pages. In our case, size really doesn’t matter. If it’s important to you then it’s more than likely going to be important to us and our readers and followers. By the way, we love charity and our team have raised millions over the years for all manner of local and national organisations. We’d like to think we can offer advice, as and when needed.


The simple answer is anyone and everyone. To be blunt – YOU. Musical Theatre isn’t the domain of the older generation as much as the latest gig doesn’t belong to the young. Our readers will be diverse in their interests and expect to know whats happening in our region and beyond at the click of a button.


This is your part now. If you’re planning an event, no matter how big or small, let us know. We need whatever information you can give us. The usual things would be nice; Where, When, What Time, Cost, Links (Web/Facebook etc), Pictures are great and the name and email of the organiser. We’ll do the rest and aim to get it up on our pages very quickly. Incidentally, our calendar will give direct links to Google or Apple Maps and allow you to put your event straight into your diary at the press of a button.

Email those details to:

You Could Be Here….

If you think you might be interested in becoming a contributor then let us know that too. Over time, a lot of our reviews will be done by you, our readers. So yes, that would mean a free trip to the cinema, theatre, restaurant, hotel, event – I’m sure you get the idea. It’s not that we’re being lazy by the way, we just believe that the best and most honest reviews come from people who watch something for the enjoyment, rather than looking to ‘review it’. Just let us know the kind of things you like. We’d hate to send a classical music fan to watch AC/DC.

Email your details to:

We want to get this right and offer the best, most comprehensive, ever adaptable platform to let you know what’s happening in this amazing part of the world. This is for you and will be fun and interactive. Your event, if featured, will have it’s own page so you can direct people straight to it. You’ll also be linked to our You Tube, Instagram and Facebook pages.

So please bookmark us and remember we are optimised for all platforms, phone, tablet and PC. Obviously the bigger the screen, the better the experience. Take a look at our video and let all your friends know we are here too.

Just one more import thing, maybe we should have said this first – WE ARE FREE


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