Chris Ramsey…

There’s something about comedian Chris Ramsey. Your Mother – sorry, your Mam likes him (he’s a Geordie Boy you see). Your Dad likes him, in fact, we all like him. (Seriously, I think I hate him already). To top it all, he’s now my Nan’s favourite as he’s one of the stars of STRICTLY 2019. The critics love Chris too and now he’s hitting the road for his biggest ever stand-up tour which is rescheduled to next year. The Sunday Times Said………

“Ramsey has the potential to be a mainstream hit, a cult favourite or almost anything in between”   

Hmm! Think That’ll Need A Fake Tan Chris….

He’s on the box a lot, so you’re bound to have seen him somewhere. There’s beean a couple of series of his very own TV show The Chris Ramsey Show (fortunate he’s called Chris Ramsey with a title like that) and Chris Ramsey’s Stand up Central (both on Comedy Central). He’s also been torn apart by Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice (ITV2), 8 out of 10 Cats (C4), Live at the Comedy Store (Comedy Central) and Virtually Famous (E4) to name a few. For us though, our favourite show of his, has to be HEBBURN.

It’s a real place but what you see on screen is pretty much what the place and people are like (I know, I lived near it). Enjoy the clip above.


Alongside his wife Rosie (the real one) he is also the co-host of the no.1 podcast Sh***ed. Married. Annoyedwhich has been downloaded a phenomenal 4.5 million times. 

Judging by his performance on STRICTLY, we think Chris is going to have an army of new fans coming to see him too. He made it to the Semi Final in Blackpool and beyond, so he must be doing something right.

Although if you watched his performance Chris did cause a bit of a stir thanks to the outfit he was wearing. The routine began in a rollercoaster cart, but once Chris jumped out, it seemed his crotch became a bit of a distraction for some viewers. One viewer posted on his Twitter account……

“Rosie is a lucky woman”.


We know he was in Blackpool but he could have left the stick of rock in his hotel room. Another viewer tweeted……

“Completely distracted by Chris’s crotch”

Maybe you should check it out, sorry, him, for yourself…….

He did though score a pretty good 33 from the judges and a massive ten from my Nan. She’s a Geordie lass as well you see and I just know she’s fallen in love with Chris during STRICTLY. So you’d best grab your tickets before my Nan does. He’s at St David’s Hall Cardiff on Thursday 29th of April 2021. For more details KEEP CLICKING.


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