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Friday, July 10, 2020

Stylish Gower – Always an Outstanding Beauty

Rhossili Bay…

If we said to you, there’s a place that is stylish, fashionable and undoubtedly awe-inspiring and then pointed you towards the GOWER PENINSULA, we’re certain that most of you would give a resounding – ‘yep, spot on.’

Just a short drive from Swansea, the GOWER PENINSULA is so much more than just a pretty face, although she is absolutely stunning. It was designated as the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty back in 1956, and we’re glad to say it hasn’t changed much since! There aren’t many places in this world of ours where you can stand and realise, that the best things in life are indeed free.

It may be close to Swansea but come to the Gower and you’ll see, it’s all about the beaches. From wild moors and limestone cliffs to golden, sandy beaches. Gower is a geological goldmine with inspiring landscapes – just take a look at what Dylan Thomas had to say.

Rhossili Bay is vast. Three-miles of sand dunes and heather-covered hills. Year after year they are voted the best in Britain. Once you’re off the beaten track you have to tackle land a little more ‘rugged’ shall we say – and there’s a lot of cattle grids around. Stay close to the more visited areas though and accessibility is excellent with so many amenities around you.

Llansteffan Castle…

There are secret beaches and easy beaches. You do not want to miss Worm’s Head (below) – Gower’s most iconic sight is this rocky promontory that snakes out into Rhossili Bay. You can surf, paddle and swim. With places to eat and drink, this most fashionable of South Wales beaches is worth a visit at any time of the year.

You’ve looked at this article now and maybe thinking ‘why have SOUTH WALES LIFE written it?’ That’s easy. Why wouldn’t we. Just look at the place, it’s incredible. For more information GO HERE.