It’s been a long time in the making but Swansea band BROKEN FIRES are back with their first new music in over 5 years, the confident new single: “Dreamer”.

Formed in Swansea in 2014, Broken Fires have earned a reputation for massive alternative indie songs about love, life and death. Self-releasing their debut album ‘Silhouettes’ back in 2015 to a warm reception, the band earned plays on BBC Radio 1, extensive support from BBC Introducing and US public radio; whereas singles including ‘Elephants’, ‘Flesh and Blood’ and ‘Brand New Start’ gained them global recognition from TV Shows across MTV, the BBC and beyond.

After a five year gap, Broken Fires utilised lockdown to their advantage and initiated work on their sophomore record: ‘HYMNS‘. Produced by Matt Lederman, it is slated for release this Autumn via Cardiff indie imprint Phwoar & Peace Records.

At just three-and-a-half minutes long, the lead single “Dreamer” is a sugar rush short-and-sweet sonic thrills, and one that reflects on our own short-lived existences.

As Tom from Broken Fires told us……….

“Dreamer is a song about being allowed to dream and wanting to do something with your short time on earth. It was inspired by this feeling that as we grow up, we tend to default to the mundane, normal and let’s be honest – boring. It seemed like a feeling that a lot of our friends were experiencing, that itch you get when you just don’t want to accept that this is it and you want to do something bigger, better, maybe even a little bit crazy and unrealistic with your life.

The song was actually written here in South Wales on Tom’s father’s old 1960s EKO acoustic guitar, you get the sense of nostalgia running through every chord and lyric.

So, with the single out now and the album well on it’s way, we put a Zoom call into the band – minus Tom for the first part of the interview. We chatted about recording during lockdown and what the guys have planned for the rest of the year.

DREAMER is out now and you can take a listen to it on the link below.

And to see what BROKEN FIRES are up to, just follow the links below.


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