A Swansea family have lauded the incredible impact of their Labrador for her role as a crucial companion to their daughter during her battle with leukaemia. 

Two-year-old Beauty was part of the Bellamy family for just a couple of months before then eight-year-old Lily was diagnosed with leukaemia. 

But the pair struck up an inspirational friendship through the toughest of times, with the black lab helping the youngster through the ups and downs of her treatment. 

And Beauty has also had a transformative effect on dad Wayne, saving him when he had an epileptic fit while out walking and underlining the awe-inspiring difference she has made. 

Lily Bellamy and her father Wayne Bellamy with Beauty the Labrador Retriever

Beauty’s outstanding efforts have been recognised with one of just five spots in the final of the Kennel Club Hero Dog Award ahead of Crufts next month.

Lily told us…….

“She is my best friend. When I was ill with leukaemia, I wasn’t able to see any of my friends for 12 months, so she was my best friend throughout my treatment. She always made me happy and put a smile on my face. 

When I was angry and on medication that made me feel sad and angry, whenever she walked in the room, she always made me happy and just forget about the way I was feeling before. 

It’s like it was meant to be. I have always wanted a dog, but my sister was afraid of them.  

She finally gave in, so we got Beauty, but then a couple of months later I was diagnosed with leukaemia. I was really happy we got her before so I could have her then.” 

As well as helping Lily through her courageous battle, Beauty has also allowed Wayne to continue enjoying dog walks without the worry of the getting into danger due to his epilepsy. 

When Wayne first collapsed, Beauty was able to lift him out of danger and is now able to sense when another attack may be imminent. 

Wayne added…..

“It gives the family peace of mind. They love me to take her for a walk, and there have been times she has stopped me going for a walk. 

I just woke up, my glasses were smashed, I had blood all over my face and there was Beauty underneath me, she had pulled me up. 

I am really proud of the way she saved me, but I am even prouder of the way she has looked after Lily. 

My wife Joanne and I can find it difficult at times to cope with Lily when she is on steroids but Beauty just walked into the room and brought Lily back to her normal self. It has been a hard 18-24 months, but we are getting there.” 

Lily Bellamy and her father Wayne Bellamy with Beauty the Labrador Retriever

The annual Kennel Club Hero Dog Award, supported by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, celebrates the unique relationships people have with their dogs and the important role man’s best friend plays throughout our lives and in society.

Judges from The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation, selected the five inspiring finalists to go forward for the public vote, which opened last week.

The winner will be announced by the award’s ambassador, Kay Burley, in the Resorts World Arena at the Birmingham NEC and on Channel 4 on Sunday 12 March, the final day of Crufts, the world’s greatest celebration of dogs. 

And the Bellamy family can’t wait to attend the Birmingham showpiece next month. 

Lily told us…..

“I remember last year I was watching Crufts and I said to my dad imagine if we were there and we are actually going there this year. 

I am really happy she has been nominated because she really deserves it. I am really excited. 

Wayne said…..

“Lily really deserves something special like this. Coming up to Crufts, being one of the stars of the show, will be fantastic but if it wasn’t for Beauty, we could never do that.”

You can now watch each of the finalist’s stories in specially-made videos and vote for their Hero Dog 2023, until 4pm on Sunday 12th March, by visiting HERE

L-R PC Claire Todd and Police Dog Stella has just retired from Gloucestershire police after serving eight and a half years as a police drugs, cash and firearms recovery dog and has now been nominated for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023. Claire and Stella from Medical Detection Dogs. Dr Claire Guest Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer Medical Detection Dogs and her Cocker Spaniel dog, Stella nominated for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023 24-year-old, Jemima Banks and her her assistance dog, Albert who has been nominated for the The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023. Child’s Champion - Springer Spaniel, Bertie and his fundraising buddy, Ashley nominated for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023. 13-year-old Ashley Owens and his dog Bertie, from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, have spent over 650 nights camping out in a tent as part of their ‘sleep out to help out’ fundraising campaign. Lily Bellamy and her father Wayne Bellamy with Beauty the Labrador Retriever who has got the Bellamy family, from Swansea, through the toughest of times, continues to be a four-legged best friend to them all and has now been nominated for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023.