TAFWYL is back this year and it looks like this will be a record breaking if the last event is anything to go by.

Tafwyl is an annual festival celebrating the Welsh language, arts and culture. It was started only in 2006 as part of the core work of Menter Caerdydd, a charity that promotes and extends the social use of the Welsh language in Cardiff. In a relatively short time Tafwyl’s audience has grown impressively over the years from just over a thousand people during its early years to nearly 40,000 last year. The pictures say it all.

In 2017 the Festival actually came out on top in the Cardiff Music Awards and was awarded the title of ‘Best Cardiff Festival.’ And this year Tafwyl is understandably thrilled to have made it as a Finalist of the 2020 Cardiff Life Awards, which was is a fantastic achievement considering this year saw a record number of nominations.

And it doesn’t stop there. In collaboration with Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale College they took the top prize in the category Arts, Business and the Community at the Arts & Business Cymru Awards ceremony. 

So what is it all about? Well it’s easy really, FUN. Tafwyl is a family friendly festival, with a lively mix of music, literature, drama, comedy, art, sports, food & drink held over 9 days across the city.


Tafwyl is split into two events: Tafwyl Fair, the main event at the weekend, and Tafwyl Week, a 7 day fringe festival the week before. The main weekend event includes bars and street food outlets.

The organisers tell us that Tafwyl Week is………

“Welsh culture at its very finest”

The main event will take place over the weekend of the 19th and 21st June in the beautiful surroundings of Bute Park, immediately behind Cardiff Castle. If you’d like more details, you can check them out right here. TAFWYL


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