Getting the kids away from their phones and into the great outdoors is a challenge many parents are facing during the school holidays. Now, there’s something which combines both, it’s fun for all the family, and without realising it, you’ll all learn a thing or two about this amazing capital city of ours.

Did we tell you that the TALKING CITY TRAIL is also FREE……

The trail is an interactive historical walking trail powered by artificial intelligence (AI). By scanning QR codes dotted around the city centre, you’ll be able to interact with virtual tour guide, Ceri, who will share facts, ask questions, and send pictures, audio & video of the specific locations through a two-way conversation.  

It’s brilliant – you talk to Ceri and Ceri comes up with the facts you need, highlighting the iconic landmarks and history of Cardiff, including Cardiff Castle and its iconic Animal Wall, Betty Campbell, the Principality Stadium, and the historic arcades. 

The tour can be started from any of the interactive points but for the best experience we recommend that you start from Cardiff Castle.

At the main gate you will see the yellow Talking City floor sticker with two QR codes – one for families with children aged 6-11 and another for adults & families with children aged 12+.

Simply open the camera on your smartphone and hover over the QR code you want to scan. A link will appear on the screen. Tap this link and a conversation will open in your web-browser.

There will be an option to choose the English or Welsh version of the trail. Select the English or Welsh word to start your conversation.

Talking City Map

There are two versions of the Talking City Trail. One for families with children ages 6-11 and another for adults and families with children ages 12+. To see which trail is best for you, please click on the buttons below.

Carolyn Brownell, Chief Executive (Interim) of FOR Cardiff said……

“We are thrilled to bring this new, free attraction to Cardiff city centre.

 Using innovative AI technology, the Talking City Trail will give families, residents, and visitors an exciting way to explore the capital while learning about its rich history.” 

The Talking City trail is suitable for families of all ages, with two varying length trails available. The first is shorter and aimed at children aged 6 – 11, with the longer trail recommended for children aged 12+ and adults. With no time limit to complete the trails, users will be able to stop and start, allowing time for personal exploration of all that the city has to offer. 

Tiernan Mines is CEO & Co-Founder of Hello Lamp Post……

“We are delighted to partner with FOR Cardiff in bringing the Hello Lamp Post tour to the brilliant city of Cardiff.

Our mission has always been to provide unique, immersive and meaningful experiences that foster connections between individuals and their environment.

This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive technology and forging new paths for future AI-driven encounters.”

For the best experience it is recommended that you start at Cardiff Castle and work your way around the city centre. 

Foe more details and to get yourself started, go HERE.