Becoming a parent can be an overwhelming and confusing time for most people, those of us who have been there can appreciate that completely. The Cardiff Birth and Baby Collective are a group of pre and post natal professionals who feel really passionate about supporting parents on their journey from conception through to parenthood and everything in between.

Prior to lockdown the Collective got together with the Nursery Team at John Lewis in Cardiff for a morning of information and demonstrations all about your pregnancy, your new baby and taking care of you and your family postnatally. Obviously those didn’t happen as planned so they were moved online.

The collective are a group of 12 pre and post-natal specialists, all experts in their field, dedicated to ensuring that you are well supported during your pregnancy, birth and your baby’s first years. All events are free and give you access to the team of experts, ask questions and get prepared for birth and baby.

They know that it’s hard when you are newly pregnant or have just had a baby to find the support you need. You haven’t got hours to spend searching online. Sometimes you don’t even know that the problem you have is one that a professional can help you with. That’s before you even start trying to decide which professional is best suited to help you and your family.

That’s why they set up Cardiff Birth and Baby Collective. They want to empower parents to make an informed choice not just about birth and baby care but also about the support services they use. We want to make it easy for you to find the care you need.

When the world is fully operational you can meet them at their monthly talks and social events. Although nothing is in their calendar just yet, we wanted to let you know about this fantastic group of people, especially after the last 18 months of isolation for many.

You can meet the team HERE.

They cover most topics you can think of, everything from hypnobirthing to post-natal fitness, aromatherapy to baby massage, nutrition to baby-wearing, birth photography to pre and post-natal beauty and wellness.

All events are entirely free, we think it’s important to know there are people, in a friendly, understanding group, who can support you when times are challenging.

If you’d like to learn more about the collective and what they do, just go here. BABY and you can check out the FACEBOOK here.


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