We love this latest trend of seeing a band live and watch and listen to them play their best album. It’s happened a lot recently, but if ever there was an album we want to see live, in it’s entirety, it has to be THE BLACK CROWES – SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER. Best of all though, Chris and Rich Robinson are re-uniting to herald the thirty-year anniversary of their landmark quintuple platinum debut album with a full on UK & European tour beginning October 10th.

As debut albums go, ‘Money Maker’ is right up there as one of the finest. In fact, Rolling Stone described it as……….

“A guitar-party cracker that marries Southern R&B crunch and Anglo cock-strutting attitude.”

We’re not anywhere near as arty as that here at SOUTH WALES LIFE, but we know what we like and ‘Money Maker’ is one of them. The Robinson brothers haven’t played a show in the UK since 2013 when they vowed never to play or speak together again. Thankfully for the fans, time has healed these wounds.

Chris Robinson told us…….

“I’m thrilled & blessed to be playing with my brother celebrating the music we’ve made & bringing our lives together full circle. Long live Rock n’ Roll & The Black Crowes!” 

Chris Robinson

To maintain a bit of family harmony, we asked Rich Robinson about the reunion too……

“First and foremost, I’m really happy to have my brother back in my life. To be able to play music again together and celebrate the first record we made as kids, is a gift. To have these songs stand up after 30 years is something I could’ve never fathomed.”

Rich Robinson

In fact here’s the guys talking to Marci Wiser from 955 KLOS about why the felt the time was right to get back together.

It was 20 years ago when us journalists were lamenting the death of rock, as cheesy pop and hair metal dominated the charts, Atlanta’s Black Crowes gave the genre a swift and much needed kick in the ass with Shake Your Money Maker. Fuelled by the singles “Jealous Again”, “Twice As Hard”, “She Talks To Angels”, and the rollicking cover of Otis Redding’s “Hard To Handle” the band immediately took the rock world by storm, topping Rolling Stone‘s “Best New American Band Readers Poll” in late 1990.

I think it’s time we reminding ourselves just how good these guys are…..

The Black Crowes went on to release eight studio and four live albums, selling in the tens of millions along the way. They sold out shows around the world; had legendary guitarist Jimmy Page join as a member; got kicked off a tour with ZZ Top for insulting the sponsor; got screwed by bad record deals; got married and divorced, fought amongst themselves and the rest of the world; in other words they’ve done everything a legendary rock group should do. This year’s reunion and tour is sure to further cement the band’s legacy as one of the best and most loved rock bands of all time.

One of the highlights the 1995 Glastonbury Festival was The Black Crowes set. No rushing through this one. Enjoy the long jams and think of what’s to come when they get into town here.

THE BLACK CROWES get to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on Friday October 23rd. Tickets are on sale and you can get yours here. CROWES

And if you’d like to follow The Black Crowes, you can catch them here.


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