Country accessories brand Hayfield England has just unveiled the latest addition to its country-inspired hat collection, the bright and beautiful Dorset Fedora. After the stunning colours of autumn in the countryside give way to the rather bleak and muted shades of winter, an accessory like this is the perfect way to brighten up the gloom!

Hayfield England is a brand which clearly has the beautiful British countryside running through its veins, it is though run from a tranquil hay field in the Welsh countryside in Llanelli. Founder Hayley Pour began hand-crafting feather hat pins and brooches in 2017 after dreaming up ways to accessorise her own Fedora hat for the races. The feather pins are meticulously made by hand using techniques Hayley has learnt from her engineer father.

As for the new Dorset Fedora, this is something very special.

Crafted from 100% wool felt in a stunning bright red, the Dorset Fedora is finished with either a black leather band (£50.00) or a guinea fowl feather wrap (£85.00) and the Hayfield England branding on a solid brass enamelled disc. The Dorset Fedora is showerproof and crushable making it the perfect companion for all manner of countryside adventures from dog walks and drinks at the pub to days at the races and winter weddings.

Hayley Pour, the founder of Hayfield England, told us….

 “This hat is just stunning – there really is no better word! I adore the bright ruby red of the wool and the way it contrasts so wonderfully with the black of the leather band and the monochrome guinea fowl feathers. It really is a beacon of joy in the dark of midwinter! I’ve added lots of brilliant new colours to the Hayfield Collection this year and it’s fantastic to see customers loving them as much as I do.”

There is something very British about a Fedora. Walks along the beautiful Welsh countryside, or maybe a day at Chepstow or Ffos Las Races. But actually the Fedora can be traced back to the 1880s, when French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt popularised the fedora for the female audience.

It soon became a common fashion accessory for many women. It wasn’t until 1924 when, in Britain, the fashion minded Prince Edward started wearing the felt hat. This event shifted the popularity of the fedora over to men’s fashion, making the hat one of the few androgynous clothing pieces.

We’ve put together the SOUTH WALES LIFE Top-Ten Fedora wearers, with a few notable exceptions – Al Capone and Freddy Kruger.


The Dorset Fedora with both band styles is available now in the following sizes:

  • Extra small: 53-54cm
  • Small: 55-56cm
  • Medium: 57-58cm
  • Large: 59-60cm

For more details, and to see what else is on offer, go here. HAYFIELD