We’ve know about the LADIES WHO LATTE for a while and, as you may have guessed by now, here at SOUTH WALES LIFE we are big supporters of any organisation that brings people together, and that’s precisely what the Ladies do. After a long wait through lockdown, they no doubt can’t wait to get back, and we feel certain have lots to discuss and share at their meetings.

They are a business networking group but are very different. In respect of the informality and, in many cases, the venues for their meeting. They are relaxed and seemingly laid back, and let’s be honest, that’s when the best work gets done.

Their concept is simple. They have over 100 FREE networking meetings every month (3 in South Wales) where you simply turn up grab yourself a coffee and network. They have no speakers, no agenda, and no meeting fee. If only all meetings were like that! I suppose you will ask, “Why just women?” They don’t advocate exclusion as such, quite simply, it makes that first step into networking for ladies that much easier. You all know, for some, it can be a big step to put yourself out there to promote your businesses. Knowing that you only need to create conversation with fellow ladies makes it that much less intimidating.

Lots of their ladies take their first networking steps with them and soon blossom into budding networkers that can then take on all the other networking groups having found their message and goals. They ask for a bit of understanding from us fellas and feel sure that if we had the same apprehensions then we would be attending men who mocha no doubt. Certainly here in our office we understand, appreciate and applaud that.

The greatest asset to Ladies Who Latte are the amazing Latte Leaders who give their time to looking after their group like a new family. Life and past experiences can cause low self-esteem, it is the worth of the group to help those people learn how to strive to achieve great things, by example and inspiration. To see the friendships that develop out of the love, respect and support in helping others no matter what the size of the business, is the epitome of their success.

The Newport Ladies Who Latte Group will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 10am to 12pm in the beautiful setting of the The Coldra Beefeater, on Chepstow Road in Newport. There’s loads of free easy parking. (Please arrive at 9.45 for a 10am start). Bear in mind there aren’t any meeting just yet.

The ladies in Newport meet at The Beefeater Coldra. If you’d like to join them, call Jo Richards on 07766-417947, or take a look at the Newport group Facebook page. Jo also looks after the Cardiff group so have a chat with her about that one too.

They also get together in The Two Rivers on Newport road in Chepstow, Jo once again looks after those so give her a call for more details.

To find out more about the LADIES WHO LATTE just go here. LATTE