The world is very different right now, and we suspect it’ll be this way for a long time to come. Some of hardest hit organisations are the charities who support us through our every day life. Finding new ways to encourage our support, but most importantly, remind us why indeed they are there, can be difficult.

The ROYAL BRITISH LEGION is encouraging us to lace up our trainers this October and November to take part in its free to enter Virtual MY POPPY RUN to help support service and ex-service personnel and their families.  

The Legion’s Poppy Run events, which usually take place in ten Cities across the country, including Cardiff, can’t go ahead in their usual format this year due to social distancing measures. Instead, we can all show our support for the 2020 Poppy Appeal with the ‘virtual’ version, My Poppy Run.  

Those taking part in the My Poppy Run can choose to run, jog or walk a distance of their choice and get family, friends and pets involved too. Wherever and whenever you choose to do your Poppy Run, from the treadmill to local park, you will be helping to transform and support the lives of many in our Armed Forces Community, raising vital funds to ensure that those who have served are offered the life changing support they need and deserve. 

Take a look at this homemade video from the start of a previous Poppy Run. We reckon our own virtual run, will be just as much fun.

Sharon Wells is Events Partnerships Manager for The Royal British Legion, she told us….

“My Poppy Run is a fantastic way for people to show their support for The Royal British Legion and have some fun with family and friends at the same time. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has created huge challenges for the Legion, as we approach our 99th Poppy Appeal, there will be more ways than ever for people to show their support, including new and remote ways to take part and raise vital funds for service personnel, veterans and their families who are struggling through hardships, injuries and bereavements.” 

“Members of the Armed Forces community need the Legion’s help now more than ever, and we are working tirelessly to ensure that those who have served are being looked after, no matter what challenges the country faces.”  

Ex-soldier Lawrence Philips took out a small loan to help the family get through Christmas, but with Lawrence unable to work due to Covid-19, the debt quickly spiralled out of control. However, with the help of the Legion’s Benefits, Debt and Money Advice team (BDMA), Lawrence was able to clear his debts. He said……

“The Legion saved my life. They have helped me sort out both my mental health and my financial health. I’m debt-free and looking forward to starting a new career, I cannot thank them enough.” 

My Poppy Run can be completed any time between up to the 30th November and is free to enter. For more information and to sign up, go here. MY POPPY RUN 

It’s important that we must remember. If we don’t, the sacrifice of those thousands of lives lost will be meaningless. They died for us, for their homes, families and friends, for a collection of traditions they cherished and a future they believed in; they died for our country. The meaning of their sacrifice rests with our collective national consciousness; our future is their monument.

These wars touched the lives of of all ages, all races, all social classes. Fathers, sons, daughters, sweethearts: they were killed in action, they were wounded, and thousands who returned were forced to live the rest of their lives with the physical and mental scars of war. The people who stayed also served—in factories, in voluntary service organisations, wherever they were needed.

Yet for many of us, war is a phenomenon seen through the lens of a television camera or a journalist’s account of fighting in distant parts of the world. Our closest physical and emotional experience may be the discovery of wartime memorabilia in a family attic. But even items such as photographs, uniform badges, medals, and diaries can seem vague and unconnected to the life of their owner. For those of us born during peacetime, all wars seem far removed from our daily lives.

We Must Remember………….

We ran these two videos last year around Remembrance Day, take a few minutes to watch them if you can. They are both personal and poignant.

What Soldiers Think About On Remembrance Day……..

Today When The Guns Fell Silent……


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